Screen saver have a rest and draw

Certainly everyone would like to learn to draw as well aw cartoonists in newspapers. Besides it would be good to learn to draw friendly jests  and the copy the pictures with some resemblance. But the problem is that any attempts to draw a picture on a paper often failed.

May be you have some conclusions that your hands are not quite suitable for drawing, because the line turn out to be not so smooth as lines of the artists. Or may be your eyes are not as precise as artists eyes since proportions of your pictures are different to real object. You might think that your fingers are not  the same as fingers of the artists, and it cause the lines you draw to be not straight. 

And another problem what to begin drawing with? How to draw straight away, for example so good picture as Picasso and Van Gog drew? What to begin drawing first an ear or eye?

This program will show you  that there is nothing difficult in drawing. You can just watch  how the computer pants and try to repeat the lines on the paper. When you learn to repeat drawing after the computer, you will be able to set out for independent sailing in the sea of art.



Instruction of installation

  • Open the archives.
  • Copy out all the files in catalogue c:/windows/system/
  • Enter the setting up of the screensaver and set Rest And Draw


Program settings

  • Esc exit from the program
  • Any other key  calls up the form of program setting


How to change the picture

Program use the DXF picture format files. You can create you own picture using any vector editor (for example CorelDraw). When you finish  drawing picture, it should be exported into DXF format.

On the picture which you can see on the screen, there are two people a shaman and a man with a book. I create this picture in the following way:

  • sketching the picture on a piece of paper.
  • Scan it
  • Transforms the picture in the curved format using Corel Trace.
  • Edited coved picture in CorelDraw.
  • Exported the Corel file into the DXF format file.

Advantages of the registered users

The registered user is provided with an opportunity to set the list of pictures himself. To set the list of pictures press any key.


Coming soon RestAndDraw.exe 420kb