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The Color Matching Game for Speed reading and Meditation

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First, to begin the game left click on the Go arrow at the lower right of the game window. Next, look at the red dot in the middle of the screen while at the same time gently noticing the rest of your computer screen.

When you spot a pair of boxes of matching colors, select both of them by left clicking on each of the matching boxes with your mouse. The matches will always be from opposite columns.

If you are not sure which two were a match, try any hunches that come to mind; you may have noticed more than you realized.

After you select two colored squares, they will each appear above the central red dot. If they are the correct match, two green dots will appear underneath them and your correct score in green numbers on the right will increase by one.

If the two squares you clicked on are not the correct match, a red dot will appear under your incorrect choice or choices and the red number of incorrect selections in red on the left will increase by one.

After the result of your selection is displayed to you, a new set of colored squares will then appear automatically, or you can have them reset instantly by clicking on the central red dot.

If at anytime you want to restart the game, just click on 'Reset'. After 10 matching attempts you will get the score of your correct and incorrect selections as well as a percentage score.

To change the speed click on 'Instructions'. The default median speed is 7. If your score is consistently below 80% you will probably want to choose a slightly slower speed for awhile. Whereas, if you consistently get a score of 90% or 100%, you may want to increase your speed. Remember that you are trying to find a zone of difficulty that challenges and stretches your abilities without it becoming so difficult that it is no longer fun to play.

1-6 Easier Speeds
7 Default Median Speed
8-50 Faster to Warp Speed

I am impressed with what happens when I start pushing the speed. I start seeing many of the matches instantly even though I do miss some completely. Sometimes I guess by picking a match that is the only one I didn't get to really look at, and it turns out to be the correct one! Sometimes I just freeze up and draw a blank, but then I have an opportunity to try again right away. Making a wrong guess has very low consequences, so this game is an opportunity to learn from taking chances in a safe place and getting instant feedback.

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