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Language as a skill

Physical movement instead of an intellectual one.

Language sports gives skills in mastering of all the four language forms:

  • to fluently read and understand the text
  • to write without mistakes
  • to speak coherently
  • to understand what we are told.

Language sports is equally suitable for training in any foreign language. Language sports is a universal method.

Training of body parts

In Language sports we train our body parts and subsystems.

Body parts we train include eyes, ears, tongue, larynx and hands.

Subsystems in question are

  • the respiratory system
  • tactile receptors
  • the sense of smell
  • an internal look and
  • the sense of intuition.


In itself the core of the trainings is very simple.

To acquire habits in reading, writing, speaking and verbal comprehension, it is necessary to read, write, speak and hear a lot, it all depends on the quantity of this simple work performed by our body parts.

It is natural, that every training engages several body parts and subsystems simultaneously. The more body parts participate in every training, the more tension our organisms experience and the higher is the efficiency of the training.

Memory does not participate in the trainings. Unfortunately, self-training can be delegated to nobody else.

Trial trainings

You can easily make sure, whether Language sports is suitable for you.

1. Take a small part of a text and read it loudly many times successively.

2. Find a record of a song in a foreign language and the lyrics to it. Listen to the song playing. Now, listening to the song, read the lyrics along with the music.

3. Take a novel in a foreign language, open it on the first page and read on. Loudly! Read for half an hour or more nonstop, and do not use a dictionary.

If you can perform these trainings during at least 15 minutes without a stop then Language sports suits you.


Results do not depend on your talent for languages.

Results depend only on the quantity of minutes which you will spend on trainings. If you spend 15 minutes it will make up 90 hours of trainings during the year. The result will be good.

If you spend the same 90 hours during 3 months the result will be twice as good. However, in this case you will have to spend on trainings not 15 but 60 minutes every day.

The talent for languages in Language sports makes no difference. The only thing that matters is the quantity of minutes spent on training.

Price list

You pay for trainings with your money and time.

The monetary contribution is

  • for 3 months - 270 Euro
  • for 6 months - 480 Euro
  • for 12 months - 910 Euro

The time you devote is not less than 30 minutes every day. You are also obliged to send the written report on the trainings done once in 2 days.


You receive written instructions from a trainer.

You follow all the instruction of the trainer.

You prepare the materials for the trainings by yourself according to the instructions of the trainer.

You ask the trainer clarifying questions in written and receive written answers to them.

You can interrupt your trainings at any moment. In this case the payments made will not be reimbursed. You can renew trainings in no more than 90 days after interruption.

Almost cinematic effect

Recurrence of the same movements many times is a mandatory practice. This practical idea ensure a large retention of the embedded thoughts which will eventually influence our activities

You're taken through each step of his story, and if you read the lyrics along with the music, it has an almost cinematic effect.

When you purchase CDs, make certain to read the lyrics along with the music the first few times that you listen to the songs. The better you get at matching the words to the music sung, the better you'll be able to make out the lyrics in other songs.

You can also go to lyric websites, of which there are many online. Do a simple search for "lyrics" on Google and you should find several sites cataloguing lyrics.

Muscle memory

Our techniques rely on 'muscle memory' the fact that if you keep doing something over and over, your body will remember that and eventually it will become the norm. For example, when you were a kid and your mom said "If you make that face, eventually it will stay like that" this comment has some validity. Your muscles remember. That's why, when you slouch (we all do, and you are probably slouching right now!) your muscles remember this position and eventually this slouch will be the norm.

The brain eats electrons from muscles

Probably, you do not know, what that our muscles were compressed, they send in a brain a plenty electrons? The positive charges which have Remained in muscles make a start from each other, - the law of physics is those, - and create that force which increases the size of muscles in a cross-section direction.

So that the muscle worked, it should exchange with a brain electric charges. Therefore there is nothing surprising that physical work of muscles allows to acquire foreign languages completely automatically. Our lexicon grows in the magic image. The opportunity to use this vocabulary works completely automatically.

Now you understand, it is probable, what that without mistakes to use foreign language, there is no necessity for studying grammar? Instead of it use training blind print. Your organism will automatically master all grammar which contains in the text which you print.

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