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Put your fingers on the yellow-colored keys: A S D F for the left hand, and J K L;   for the right hand. This is the position, in which speed typing is done, and from this position we reach for all other keys. In the first lesson, we practice speed typing the letters J and F, and continue to speed type all other letters.

For the most part, practicing will be with words having a meaning. But at first, to get used to speed-typing, we will practice the lessons with random text. Use the lessons only for the beginning to gradually get used to speed-typing. Please understand that the real practice is with meaningful words and that you don't learn a lot from practicing random text.
To practice real words, copy a text from anywhere (sites, word processor, etc.) and paste your text inside the text box by clicking the right mouse button and selecting "paste".

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Test Your Typing Skills. How fast can you type? Find out with our free typing test that works in your web browser and takes only a couple of minutes to complete. Select a time and text to type. After the quick test, you will see your typing speed, accuracy and net speed.


Why to study speed-typing.

The reasons should be much. Send, if you have such, which we have not written.

You beginning the user. And you want to learn to work on the computer. Early or late to you will come to study to type on the keyboard quickly. What for to pull, if there is such magnificent opportunity? Begin right now.

To you, on sphere of your work, it is necessary to be able quickly to type the text on the computer. Then the choice is obvious. After the ending all lessons on our site, with observance of all rules, you will speed-type the text with the large speed. You too long sit at the computer, and reason to that search of the letters on the keyboard? Study to speed-type! To search for the letters on the keyboard to you more never will come.  speed typing lesson

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How fast can you type?

The simple typing test calculator software below will calculate your speed (words per minute). Try it! It's fun, but if you're serious about improving your keyboarding skills, check out the typing software recommendations below. Plus I've added a few simple tips.

Do you have a website? Spice it up by adding this same typing test directly to any of your WebPages, for free! Your site visitors will love it. Most people can't resist trying it out (often multiple times, or every time they visit, to see if their speed has improved!). Click here to get the module for your website.

How typing tests are calculated

The most important and basic score is "words per minute", or "wpm" for short. Often, this is a corrected score, where each error made during the test reduces the "words per minute" by one. Another common score is an accuracy percentage, which is simply the number of words you got right compared to how many you typed. For instance, 90% accuracy means you averaged 9 out of 10 words right.

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