Memorize the pictures and restore it
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Play and fun this free kids online fun games. You can download this kids game in to your computer.

Try memorize pictures and improve memory. Try memorize pictures and improve memory. Test your memory, improve your memory and learn to memorize numbers with this game.

Whatever it is, use the word for that image as the core of your password. For example, if your default image for bank is a stack of money, use "money" as the core of the password. Then stick in some digits. You might use your age, which has the advantage that you could change the password every year to match your new age. The digits need to go into the word in some set pattern.

Don't memorize the word, memorize the picture, which in turn gives you the word. Then you stick some meaningful numbers in the word in a systematic way. Let me give you an example. Suppose you want to create a memorable password for your bank account. What mental image immediately comes to your mind for the word "bank?" That image would probably be different for different people. What is important is what is the default, automatic image for you. It might be a picture of cowboys robbing a bank, or a stack of money, or your credit card bill, or whatever.

Computers draw different pictures and you memorize them. This game can be used for training visual memory

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Try to memorize the pictures chain and improve your memory. Look at the arrows.


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