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This is free online hangman kids game. You can download and use this hangman game free on your computer or site. The Hangman for Kids - Teachers Pet is a spelling game, your child tries to guess the word before some one eats the teachers apple. The Hangman for Kids - Teachers Pet is a Java Applet. It may take a while to load, so please be patient. Play kids games.

How to play hangman online game for kids

  1. Make sure you have enough players, at least you and a friend or do a Google search and play the game solo.
  2. Decide who is going first.
  3. The person that is going first makes up a word in his mind. If the word is dog, draw three spaces, like this: _ _ _.
  4. Draw an upside down L.
  5. The other players guess a letter and if it's correct, you put it in the blank. If it's incorrect you put a head on the upside down L. Draw another body part for each subsequent wrong guess. The object is to guess the word before you complete the body.
  6. Three letter puzles such the one cited above are the hardest to answer, but to make solving easier look at your Scrabble game tiles. The most commonly used letters have a value of 1, then the next most common have a value of 2 on up through the letters Z and Q which have a value of 10 and are the least frequently used letters.

Easy rules of hangman game for kids online s

  1. Play this two-player game to help children sharpen their spelling and word-decoding skills.
  2. Start the game by having one person choose a word or phrase that the other player knows how to spell.
  3. Place one dash on the bottom of a piece of paper for each letter of the word or words chosen. Leave a space between words.
  4. Draw a "gallows" at the top of the paper - draw a horizontal line at the bottom, a vertical line coming up out of its center, and then a short line off to the right at the top (so that you now have an upside-down "L" on the horizontal line). Draw a short vertical line off the end of the top line - this is your "noose."
  5. Have the other player guess one letter at a time - or he or she can use a turn to guess the entire word or words.
  6. Fill in the letter (everywhere it appears) on the appropriate dash (or dashes) each time the person guesses correctly.
  7. Add one body part to the drawing each time the letter chosen is not in the word. Begin by drawing a head attached to the short vertical line (the "noose"). Add eyes, ears, nose, hair, body, legs, and arms.
  8. Know that if the drawing of the person is completed before the word or words are guessed, the guessing player loses. If the player figures out the word or words first, he or she wins.


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