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Memory is the retention of information over time, of which there are many kinds: short-term memory, long-term memory, visual memory and auditory memory, to name but a few. These four kinds of memory are foundational skills of learning and improving them is fundamental to overcoming learning disabilities.

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  • Music memory - the computer play the melody. Try to memorize it and recall
  • Note pair - thy to find all note pair

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Logical thinking is a very important skill. Like all other skills, it must be taught. There are many everyday life situations in which the ability to think logically is of great importance.

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It is important to note that learning is a skill. In order to grasp the full import of this concept, it is vital that one should take cognizance of the different elements of a skill. In the second part of this article the elements of a skill are discussed. very important element involved in every skill, is that a skill usually embraces a number of picture communication cards, songs, games and learning activities for autism, fetal alcohol syndrome and disabilities. sub skills. In the third part of this article the sub skills of learning are discussed. In the real world, and real time, learning styles theory is often an academic luxury. It is therefore important to go beyond learning styles and strengthen our children’s learning weaknesses.

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Use eidetic software for improve Eidetic memory ability Eidetic memory game, Good memory game and 3D technical drawing game



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Eidetic memory (Photographic memory) found in 5% children. These children can remember an entire page of writing in an unfamiliar language after only seeing it for a short period of time. Only a few have eidetic memory in adulthood.




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