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Font viewer

Font viewer
help to pick a font.
It uses a HTML for viewing fonts,
installed on your windows.

  • Font viewer view all fonts installed on win.
  • Font viewer print the list of fonts.
  • Font viewer print sample text of a font.
  • Font viewer view sample text in all available fonts.
  • Font viewer used the Windows clipboard. Copy and paste characters to another program
  • Font viewer compare different fonts
  • Font viewer used system tray.
  • Font viewer sorted fonts. View favorite fonts.


advanced font viewer
advanced Font viewer

font viewer


Font viewer is a utility that allows you to view the fonts installed on your system. You simply enter a phrase and the program shows this phrase in different fonts. Thus you can clearly see your phrase written in different fonts.

Advance Font viewer

Free download advanced font viewer 420kb

Font viewer. Font management utility. It uses a HTML-like interface for viewing and printing fonts. It windows freeware font software. Font viewer is a font management tool for Microsoft Windows. It hooks into the Windows shell interface (Explorer) and lets you easily view and print TrueType fonts right from the Windows operating system. Font viewer works with Windows 95, 98, NT4, XP, ME and 2000 systems. If you can run one of these operating systems, then you should be able to run Font viewer with no problems.

This program is an easy to use but powerful font manager, which allows getting a quick overview of both installed and non installed fonts. It can install and uninstall fonts, and organize them in categories. Some of its features are: Supports TrueType and OpenType fonts (Windows 2000/XP required for PostScript OpenType fonts) Supports Type1 fonts (Windows 2000/XP required) Installation of fonts from a folder (one by one or from a list). Installation of fonts temporally (until the program is closed). Deletion of installed fonts. List of all installed fonts with several display options. List of the fonts from a folder with several display options. Several options for organizing fonts in categories and managing them. It can print a list of all or some of the installed fonts with an example of each font. Scratchpad area for testing the look of any font (installed or from a folder). Dual English/Spanish version.