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Playing darts is a great way to pass the time with good friends and good laughs. While there are many variations of games played with a dartboard, the most well-known approach is for each player to start with a number of points ending in -01 (e.g. 301, 501, 1001). Then, they have to throw their darts, trying to get to zero before all the other players. First to zero wins! Free Darts Games at the site. Your source for play darts online, online darts, 501 darts and online darts games. Darts online play online darts The object of Darts game is to count down from the starting number of 501 to exactly . Play Darts online, have fun and win cash prize In order to win this arcade game you should close numbers. From 20 to 15 and bulls eye first and score more points than the opponent. Online darts game. Dart Night Play darts online! Play a virtual game of darts against the computer or a friend. Begin by lining up the dart with the spot on the board that you wish to hit

Understanding of the Games:

If you are not familiar with darts or electronic darts, you must learn the layout of the dartboard and the basic games. Knowing the values of the various parts of the target is mandatory as well as knowing the basics of the '01 games and the basic game of Cricket. There are several variations of these games, so just learn the basic ones to start.

Along with reading the rules and understanding how the game is to be played, play the game yourself - just to get a feel for it.

The Parts of the Soft-Tip Dart

It is important to know that � in an electronic dart machine, the "machine is always right relative to the score". The only exception to this rule is on a "winning dart".

Example: A player needs 39 to go out. They shoot and the dart sticks in the triple 13, but the machine was displaying the "Throw Dart" message, and all other rules were followed, the player shall be credited with a win in that game. This rule will apply only for a single dart, not for a combination of darts.

How to Play '01 Games:

'01 games (e.g. 301, 501, 701, 901 & 1001) are the classic English pub games. At the start of the game, points are given to each player, depending upon the game selected. Play begins when the first dart hits any segment. All subsequent scores are subtracted until you get to "exactly zero". A player "busts" and losses a turn, if their score passes "0".

'01 Game options for the '01 games are:

  • Double-in: Players must score in a double point value segment to begin play.
  • Double-out: Players must reach "0" exactly by scoring in a double point value segment.
  • Doubling-in & Doubling-out: Players must score a double to start and finishing in a double to exactly "0".
  • Masters out: Players must reach "0" in a double or triple point value segment.

Example of Doubling-in and Doubling-out: A player starts his score by hitting any double on the board. Darts thrown before the double is hit do not score; all darts thrown after the double is hit do score. When a double is hit, the score amount is subtracted from 301. If a player hits a double 8, he subtracts 16 from 301 and is left with 285. The player continues to throw in turn, subtracting the total score of his three darts from the score at the end of his last turn. He can win the game only by getting a double that gives him a total score equaling the total amount left. With 32 points to go, a double 16 will end the game. A single 16 will still leave 16 to go, which can be gotten by throwing a double 8, and so on down the line. If an odd number is thrown, another odd number is needed to get back to a double possibility. If one less or one more than the exact score is hit, the player must assume the same score he had at the end of his last turn. (This is called busting.) The rest of the rules hold.

'01 Game Feats:

  • 6 Darts out (301)
  • 9 Darts out (501)
  • Hat Trick: 3 Bull's-eyes in one turn
  • Ton: A score of 100 to 150 in one turn
  • High Ton: A score of 151 or greater in one turn

How to Play Cricket:

Each number wedge segment to be used is called an inning. The object of Cricket is to close all of the game's innings before an opponent does. To close an inning, or number, three of the particular number must be scored. This can be done with one dart in the triple, three singles, or a double and a single of the number. Merely closing, however, does not win the game if the opponent is ahead on points. The point deficit, if there is any, must be made up by scoring in live (not-yet-closed) innings. Important: Points are not necessary to win; the object is to close the numbers before your opponent does. The player who closes first, even if he has zero points, is the winner as long as his opponent also has zero points. Should the opponent have points, the closed out player must score an equal amount or more points than his opponent before the opponent can close out his numbers. Games cannot end in a tie. If the players' scores are equal, the first player to close out all of his numbers wins.

Example: To close a number, three hits must be scored in that particular number. If one player closes a number before the other player does, every subsequent dart in that number counts for points until the opponent can close the number (e.g. the first player throws his three darts at 20 but only scores two singles with the third dart landing on a non-scoring number. The number is not closed. The second player throws his darts; all three hit the 20 wedge, a triple and two singles. Thus, the second player has closed 20 and has also scored 40 points for the two extra 20's from his total of five hits for his turn. This player will continue to receive 20 points for every 20 he subsequently throws until his opponent throws the single 20 he needs to close the 20 segment.

To win a game of Cricket you must close all the numbers by getting a score of three hits in each number, including the bull's-eye. Plus, you cannot be behind in points.

  • Cricket Options:
    • Cut-throat Cricket: Option is the same as cricket except that player with closed numbers add points to players with those numbers still open. The player who has closed all numbers and has lowest score wins.
    • Master Cricket: A player only scores points on darts that also close the number, until all numbers and Bull's-eye are closed. Players can then score points on any number that opponents have open. Highest score wins.

  • Cricket Feats:
    • Hat Trick: Marking three bulls in one round.
    • While Horse: Marking 3 different unmarked triples in one round.

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