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Description of Good memory game

Who doesn't want to improve their mental memory performance? Perhaps you want to sharpen your mind for a specific event, or pictures or specific data. Perhaps you feel you need to improve your memory and cognitive powers. Whatever your reason, it is possible to condition your brain to think smarter and learn faster or read faster.

  • The computer scatters the sections of the lines on the field chaotically. 
  • You memorize the lines location. 
  • The lines disappear 
  • You restore the initial picture. 
  • Depending on your answers the computer takes decision on complicating of simplifying the tasks.

You think it easy?

Memory-Puzzle. Try to memorize abstract picture - then put it together again. Be careful! The training is analogous to puzzle games. At the beginning of the task, the patient has to memorize as many details as possible. As soon as the patient presses the OK-button - or after a pre-set time - the picture is taken apart into a certain number of puzzle parts and must be reassembled.

 Good memory eidetic game

How good is your memory?

Leonardo d'Vinchi wrote: I can't help but mention the new means if in use, though it might seem absurd and ridiculous is useful for inducement of the mind to different discoveries. You look at the wall splashed with the paint most probably you find  some likeness with mountainous scenery, rivers, cliffs and trees and looking at it again you can already see a battle and moving figures, or strange faces and attire and other variety of the pictures, which can be described clearly and in full details. On the wall they are presented in disorder, similar to dissonant bell chime  where you can distinguish any name or word  which you want to imagine.

The unusual game inclined the mind of the great scientist to the creative mood sending the consciousness of the great scientist to a peculiar traveling. In the present game the spots are simplified to the lines. The return communication and gradual increase of task complexity are introduced to support your interest to the training.

Let your creativity be your guide as you create awesome game sets for this visual memory - concentration game! The educational value is limited only by your imagination!

This game will train your visual memory and imagery. All you need to memorize the lines. You will be time limited so make it quickly or you'll lose. 

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Da Vinchi puzzle free download 770kb

Buy now Da Vinchi puzzle The difficulty of the puzzles can be adjusted so the game can be suitable for both children and adults.

Many investigations of neuropsychological rehabilitation report good training effects of playing puzzle games regularly (often also combined with other trainings and exercises).