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This training on a PC is made for learning blind typing by using all 10 fingers. By completing the whole study course, you will type at least 100-200 characters per minute with accuracy. This will let you type a standard page in 10 minutes. So for one hour of typing you would type 5-6 pages. That's a nice time saving for those who type a lot, isn't it?

Basic rules for Blind Typing

Repetitive movements, performed without looking at a keyboard, are the basis of blind typing. This method of blind typing, unlike a visual method, helps to achieve a higher typing speed, have fewer misspellings, and leaves the typist less tired. The typist's eyes are busy reading the text, without spending time and energy reading letters on a keyboard. Exact and rhythmical movements of the fingers are a reflex, especially while typing the most used combinations of letters. One of the reasons for the effectiveness of the blind typing method is that words and phrases are read beforehand.

The positioning of the hands relatively to keyboard should be correct. Hands should be placed above second line of the keys. Fingertips should slightly touch particular keys. Fingers should be banged, as if they hold a big apple. However, they should be relaxed. Lower arms should be placed parallel to the keys on the keyboard. Shoulders and upper arms should create an angle of about 80 degrees. Elbows should not be placed close to a body, but somewhat outwards. The same way a forte piano player places his arms. Hands should be clean, and fingernails cut short. Fingertips should hit the keys in fast and precise manner. Do not forget to place your hands correctly, as was said above. Fast typing excludes stretching fingers from key to key, it demands making short strokes on the keys, as if the keys were hot and burned the fingertips. Thus, hands should be placed in such way, that during the stroke hand would slightly bend, and then return to its previous. This is called a "hand stroke". Fingertips, that are not participating should not touch the keys.

To make a correct key stroke:

  • Place arms in the starting position
  • Raise your fingers somewhat, except for the finger you will need.
  • Raise your hand a little
  • Hit the key with the proper finger, with your hand participating
  • Place your fingers back in the starting position.

If you find it hard to keep the rest of your fingers still while using your thumb to type, then your should raise your other findges a little bit , but leave the pinky in its position.

Typing should be rhythmical. Typing rhythmically means that every letter is typed in an equal period of time.

There is no need to rush. High speed makes sense only when there are practically no misspellings. That is why while learning to type it is important to learn to type without mistakes first, and only then should you work on attaining speed. Correcting numerous misspellings is time consuming and decreases the quality of your work, making such typing less effective of than slower typing without mistakes.

Learn to Type Online

Typing is one job-related skill you can develop - for almost all jobs! Computers have become common place in all work environments, and being able to type on a computer has become as important as being able to write with a pen.

A small investment in a typing tutorial now could have benefits for years to come! Improving your typing speed will allow you to use a computer much more effectively. It may even qualify you for new career opportunities that were once not available. Many employers require a typing speed test before even considering a candidate. Think of all the time you will save once you are able to write letters, email messages, and other documents much more quickly! You can even have fun as you learn, by enjoying the typing games as you learn to save time.

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Speed reading techniques

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