Speed reading is not magic

Jump letters movie.

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Type some words and look how it jump on the lines.

Snailing is great for lecturing, reading dialogue for a play or film, Shakespeare, poetry and such. Speed reading is for studying, testing and acing classes. When you are doing research and want to read three books, articles and reports instead of just one. It helps ace exams and classes.


Who can speed read

I can read at around 1440 wpm, but I generally go with 100-200 pages/hour (555-1110wpm depending upon the text and time of day). I find that whenever I read towards the top end of my reading speed, sometimes words occasionally slip their line position (a word gets swapped with the word in the same visual position on the line below it), which generally is not a problem, but sometimes it can drastically alter the meaning of a paragraph. Other than the problems that and turning too many (or forgetting to turn) the pages can cause, my level of comprehension is very high (I don't know any way to tell it exactly).

These speeds can be reached without skimming, but I can't go my top speed for too long, I occasionally get headaches from it. I end up reading and processing multiple lines at a time, frequently an entire paragraph. I never really played attention to it before.

But it seems like when I do read towards my upper speed limit, instead of reading horizontally across the page starting each line at the beginning, I read diagonally, mostly horizontal, but down at the same time, reversing direction of the horizontal scan when I reach the edge of the page.

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