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Rotating Numbers

To access this game click on the Go arrow at bottom right. Notice the row of boxed numbers to the right Now look at the circled number in the middle of the rotating circle. Whatever that number is notice how many other examples of that same number are circling around it and enter that number by left clicking with your mouse on the number of your choice.

You may also enter you choice of numbers from your computer keyboard or number lock activated computer keypad.

If you have entered the right total, the circle will continue rotating in a clockwise direction.

If you have made an incorrect entry, you will see the circle reverse direction and start moving in a counter-clockwise direction and you can try entering a different number.

A correct selection makes or continues a clockwise direction movement, while an incorrect entry makes the circle move counter-clockwise. Every time you enter a correct number total, the circling numbers will change and the number you are looking for in the center will change or it may remain the same, but the bottom bar graph will re-start immediately after each correct entry

The red number on the left of the central, circled number indicates the number of incorrect entries, and the green number on the right indicates the number of correct entries..

You may find that the less you move your eyes and head the more proficient you become in this activity.


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