Advance utility

Personalize search software.

It store a results of searching. You can open index and remember what do you search when you search. All results stored at the computer. You can edit get information.

This utility will be useful when you search a lot of information. If you need to  search an information on several project then this software can help you. If you need to story all find files on your computer you can use this software. When you read a results of searching you can edit it. you can create an index of files. delete a wrong links and redesign a pages.

Futures of get Personalize search software.

  • Store all user projects name
  • Store all search strings you want
  • Easy add new search words
  • Download all pages. You can edit pages. delete it from index.
  • Create a log of work at xml files. You can integrate results of work to several software

This software free for use. The author of the software ask you to send an errors and wishes.

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