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IP Network monitor


This software was design for Internet traffic monitoring. Monitoring Local Area Networks.

Analyzer and protocol decoder.

Capture, store, analyze, and reconstructs various types of network events, such as sending and receiving e-mail messages, viewing Web pages, downloading files from FTP servers, or communicating via instant messaging software.


Analyze high-level protocols that are used to transfer content over the Internet or LAN.

If you don't understand networking technologies then IP Network monitor design for you.

presenting just the Web pages, e-mail messages, or downloaded files., use complex capturing and analysis software, or dig through network packets trying to reconstruct the actual data;

This tool is useful for network administrators responsible for enforcing IT policy and forensic experts.

It will be useful for parental control. The Internet offers enormous amounts of information that is not censored in any way. Most parents are concerned about it and want to be aware of the content viewed by their children.

IP Network monitor help parents be up to date on how their children use the Internet.

Use IP Network monitor for processing the log files generated by these packet monitoring packages and retrieve e-mail messages, Web pages, and other types of content for quick analysis.

Protect your computer and internet connection with IP Network monitor

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  • Quick Filters allow to easily create new view report for similar packets based on MAC addresses, IP addresses, or ports.
  • Filtering by process name is now available.
  • Updated MAC vendor list.
  • Packets are mapped to the application that sent or received them (this functionality is available under Windows 2000/XP/2003).
  • High resolution time stamping (up to microseconds, available under Windows NT/2000/XP/2003).
  • New, compact, open log format.
  • Graphic matrices representing conversations between hosts.
  • New decoding modules have been added: MS SQL, LDAP, and YMSG. SMB and ICQ decoding has been improved.
  • Windows XP 64-bit Edition on AMD Opteron and Athlon64 processors is now supported.
  • Multiple simultaneous Remote Agent connections are now supported.
  • Improved Packet Generator featuring convenient access to templates.
  • HTML Reports can include graphics.
  • New alarm types.
  • Lower CPU usage.
  • You can now capture loopback packets being sent from/to local IP addresses, e.g. (this functionality is available under Windows NT/2000/XP/2003).
  • The program can log visited URLs.
  • New protocol decoding modules have been added: IMAP, NNTP, SSH, TLS.
  • An open plug-in interface allows you to implement your own protocol decoding.
  • TCP Session Reconstruction windows can now decompress GZIP'd web content, as well as display images being sent over HTTP sessions.
  • TCP Session Reconstruction windows now allow you to jump to the next TCP session between any two hosts (in the previous versions, you could jump to the next session only between those two hosts that were initially selected).
  • The program will notify you about changes in the list of network adapters.
  • Capturing is restarted automatically after Windows hibernation or suspension.
  • Token Ring adapters are supported (this functionality is available under Windows 2000/XP/2003).
  • Jumbo frames are supported.
  • You can have the program generate statistics on pre-captured data in addition to real-time statistics.
  • Improved alarm functionality allows to you to pass variables to launched applications or alarm messages.
  • A few other minor improvements.
  • Alarms: You can configure the program to notify you about certain packet occurrences, unknown MAC addresses, etc.
  • New protocol decoding modules have been added: DAYTIME, DDNS, H.323 (H.225, Q.850, Q.931, Q.932), HTTPS, NTP, RMCP, RTP/RTCP (G.723, H.261, H.263), SNTP, TIME.
  • Multilanguage interface.
  • A custom decoding module can be used with the program.
  • New command-line parameters that allow you to load automatically rule sets and/or open adapters.
  • TCP Session Reconstruction windows now have the "Find" function.
  • TCP, UDP, and ICMP packet templates in Packet Generator.
  • A new "Decode As" function that can be used to decode supported protocols using non-standard ports.
  • A number of new configurable options.
  • New protocol decoding modules have been added: BGP, CDP, EIGRP, IGRP, IPsec, HSRP, NFS, OSPF, RADIUS, RIP, RPC, SNA, VTP, WAP, 802.1Q, 802.1X.
  • New log file management tools that allow you to split/concatenate CCF files have been added.
  • TCP Session Reconstruction windows now allow you to jump to the next session between the two hosts.
  • New features in the Statistics window: switching between bits and bytes per second, a bandwidth usage indicator, IP protocol and sub-protocol charts by number of bytes or by number of packets.
  • Optional non-promiscuous mode.
  • Import of capture files in MS NetMon and NAI Sniffer for Windows formats.
  • Syntax highlighting in the advanced formula window.
  • Improved Windows XP themes support.
  • An important bug fix in the advanced rules hex function; this function didn't work correctly for the byte patterns that included 0x00.
  • Advanced rules that allow you to create complex filters using Boolean logic and simple, easy to understand syntax.
  • New protocol decoding modules have been added: FTP, TFTP, SOCKS (v. 4,5), TELNET.
  • Yet another performance improvement.
  • New features in Packet Generator: drag-and-drop support for many packet formats, high-speed packet generation (up to 5,000 packets/sec), and ability to send many different packets with a single click.
  • Log files can be optionally concatenated into a single file when the program stops capturing.
  • New export formats: comma-delimited files with and without hex data.
  • You can now save packets in different formats (CCF, ENC, etc.) directly, without first loading log files into Log Viewer.
  • LAN Hosts tables can now handle up to 1,000 MAC and IP addresses.
  • Optional "Size" column is available in the packet list.
  • You can define network addresses and subnet masks for the IP addresses that you want the program to treat as local ones.
  • Many minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • New protocol decoding modules have been added: SNMP (v. 1,2,3), IPv6, ICQ, GRE, RDP.
  • A major performance improvement when opening/importing capture files: files are loaded up to 25 times faster.
  • Lower CPU usage.
  • Extended NIC statistics, such as collisions and CRC errors, are available.
  • You can apply rules to pre-captured data in Log Viewer.
  • Improved Find Packet dialog.
  • New protocol decoding modules have been added: DHCP, DNS, HTTP, POP3, RTSP, SMTP.
  • A new, unique remote monitoring technology.
  • You can add up to 4 custom protocols to the IP Sub-protocols chart.
  • You can import capture files in Tcpdump (libcap) format.
  • More configuration options have been added.
  • Many minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • A new protocol decoder; now supports ARP, BCAST, BMP, DIAG, ICMP, IGMP, IPv4, IPX, NCP, NDS, NetBIOS, NLSP, PPP, PPPoE, RARP, RIPX, RSVP, SAP, SER, SMB, SPX, TCP, UDP, WDOG. More protocols coming soon.
  • Supports Wireless Ethernet (802.11b) adapters.
  • The program is ready for Windows XP (tested with RC1).
  • The Packet Generator can now send packets via the Windows 2000/XP dial-up adapter.
  • A protocol decoder and checksum corrector were added to the Packet Generator.
  • You can optionally run multiple instances of CommView to monitor several adapters simultaneously.
  • IP Statistics can be included in the Statistics Report.
  • A new LAN Hosts by IP Address table has been added to the Statistics window.
  • The TCP Reconstruction window allows you to exclude/include data based on the packet direction.
  • You can now filter packets based on TCP flags.
  • The program can run in invisible mode.
  • You can now share CommView data with your own application using a simple TCP/IP interface.
  • The Packets tab allows you to select multiple packets.
  • Aliases can be assigned to IP addresses.
  • Current rules can be applied to the Statistics window and reports.
  • PPPoE decoding.
  • TCP Session Reconstruction windows are now non-modal, allowing you to have several open windows with different sessions.
  • Minor interface improvements and bug fixes
  • Full drag-and-drop support: you can now drag IP Statistics, individual packets, and graphs and drop them to the desktop or any folder. You can drag capture files (CCF, ENC, or BFR) and drop them to the application.
  • Packet Size Distribution chart and LAN Hosts Table have been added to the Statistics window.
  • Automatic or manual report generation: all statistics data can be saved as HTML or semicolon-delimited reports. (See the "Report" tab in the Statistics window.)
  • The TCP Session Reconstruction window now allows you to view data as HTML and EBCDIC in addition to ASCII and HEX.
  • TCP session reconstruction.
  • Aliases can be assigned to MAC addresses.
  • NIC Vendor Identifier.
  • More columns are available on the "IP Statistics" and "Packets" tabs.
  • Columns on the "Packets" and "IP Statistics" tabs can be hidden.
  • ARP/RARP packets are decoded.
  • Wildcards can be used in IP Address rules.
  • The "Both" option in capturing rules is available in addition to the "From" and "To" options.
  • Tabs with active rules are now displayed in bold font.
  • Packet output can be suspended/resumed.
  • Several alternative IP Statistics layouts are available. Other minor improvements.