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September 14, 2002

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A Cool Typing Tutor .

14-Mar-2006 06:38:17 PM

Reviewer: praveen360

Pros: It was the BEST Tying Tutor available from this site.

+ Cool Interface and some annoying sounds, which you can change.

Cons: Nothing.

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decent for a free typing tuttor program

25-Aug-2005 08:53:19 PM

Reviewer: carebears1

Pros: it works you up from a few letters to a lot of letters. i`ve only used it once and i`m already typing a little bit better than i was before i tried it. less looking at the keyboard for sure! The program is a small program and it`s very fast and easy to install. :)

Cons: i dont think there was anything i didn`t like~!

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29-Nov-2006 05:38:49 PM

Reviewer: mediafreak24

Pros: Its free, has lessons and stamina typing. I love it. It really is a great way to improve your speed.

Cons: There really isnt anything I dont like about it.

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it`s a quirky off beat way of learning that probably has several merits; however

01-Nov-2005 08:06:20 PM

Reviewer: markjkubicki

Cons: the real problem with this program is:

within a lesson, the text which you are copying (reading) moves across the screen so that the letter about to be typed (being read) is always in the same position on the screen; this is not how you would actually read -your eyes should travel past text that stays still. I found this most annoying (it moved the otherwise o.k. software from the catagory of a serious lesson, into the "game" zone.) After 1 lesson, I uninstalled it

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Easy to use, improves typing speed

21-Dec-2002 04:10:09 PM

Reviewer: Gerry

I required a program to quickly learn touch typing. After downloading a number of touch typing tutor programs I found Stamina easy to use and the key touch responsive. The characters are easy to read and presented on one line. Its main benefit is the ability to continue typing without having to continually hit the backspace key to correct errors, it does not accept the character typed until it is entered correctly but it records the error. The program is fully functional for a 30 day trial period, however it does not allow changes to lessons or paragraphs until it is registered. The price is reasonable at US$19 and good value for money.

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Using The Right PDA - By Catherine Franz


When we think of writing it triggers many thoughts and visions depending on our framing. It could trigger a lone man with a full astray, unshaven, staring at an old plunking typewriter with white blank crisp paper waiting in anticipation for his words.

If a mother or younger, it could conjure up an image of a 30-something woman typing away on a keyboard with an apron on, in between making formulas or getting ready for work, still dark outside. Pounding on the keys because the flow is there, just as the light from the window begins to change, trying to get as much onto the page before the kids need her attention.

If you grew up in a Catholic school in the 50s, writing could mean perfect penmanship and a rap on the knuckles if you didn`t.

The times have changed, thank goodness, and now children grow up with memories of learning to cluster and freewrite. To allow whatever needs to flow appear onto the page. There are more books than ever on creativity, and how to play and embrace the craft new everyday. It is a freeing time for writers.

Yet, three principles prevail no matter what your association to the meaning of writer appears. They are PDA, for short. No, not the PDA you carry around in your pocket. But the PDA a writer needs to carry around in the heart.




The patience to allow our writing to mature with practice. To push just enough to keep us uncomfortable yet still allow us to keep trying.

The discipline to sit still long enough to get it started and completed. The discipline to keep picking up the pen, putting another sheet of paper in the printer, or buying new keyboards because the last one certain keys just plain gave out.

Action to keep the vision and dream alive for one more time, one more word, one more story, one more meaning.

Remember, the next time you want to write more or write better. Don`t pull out your PDA from your pocket, but pull out the ones that really count from your heart. The ones that truly affect your ass(ets), patience, discipline, and creative action.

Catherine Franz is a Marketing & Writing Coach, niches, product development, Internet marketing, nonfiction writing and training.

Articles: http://www.abundancecenter.com

blog: http://abundance.blogs.com

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