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Bruce`s Unusual Typing Wizard 1.5

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Rozland Productions

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July 21, 2006

Rozland Productions

Rozland Productions

Bruce`s Unusual Typing Wizard is well constructed typing tutor to learn and practice typing. It is designed to accommodate both beginners and experienced typists who are looking to gain speed or accuracy. This software also has a unique algorithm, which is able to detect if a user is typing slightly off and adjust the typing position. This eliminates frustration of typing many mistakes when a letter is omitted or added. A game is also included, in order to help practice unusual letter combinations. Multiple users are supported and each stores its own statistics. The user can change the text that is used to practice typing, in order to practice something more familiar, if that is desired. This feature can also be used to input a different language to practice. The onscreen keyboard and the game can also be modified to accommodate any Western language or keyboard layout.

Version 1.5 adds many minor enhancements to the interface.

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Are You Using the Right Word? - by Luther Powell


Papalou has received several emails with bad spelling. I have also noticed several ads in ezines with misspelled words. Being an old school teacher, (You didn`t know that, did you?), my eyes have been trained to catch a misspelled word. I`m sharp as a tack! Now, there I go bragging again. Oh well, just put up with me.=:o)<

I realize that there are certain words misspelled because they are similar words in spelling or pronunciation. I have listed some words below that are often confused and therefore misspelled. Please refer to a dictionary for the meaning of any word you are unsure of. Now, don`t get yourself all bent out of shape. I`m not going to call your Mother and tell her you made an "F" in spelling today. Go over these words and see if have used the wrong word at times because you misspelled the word.

accept---except .affect---effect advice---advise bare---bear ..board---bored ..break---brake capital---capitol .choose---chose .cite---site---sight close---clothes ..coarse---course .council---counsel councillor---counselor ..dear---deer ..desert---dessert dual---duel ..formally---formerly ..forth---fourth hear---here holy---wholly ..irrelevant---irreverent its---it`s later---latter .lessen---lesson loose---lose passed---past .personal---personnel plain---plane .precede---proceed presense---presents principal---principle quite---quiet ..respectfully---respectively scene---seen sense---since shone---shown some---sum ..stationary---stationery statue---statute than---then .their---there---they`re ..to---too---two waist---waste weak---week .weather---whether whose---who`s your---you`re ..conscience---conscious some--sum .lead---led .more---moar

I hope this list will help you in the future. All of us need to know how to use the right word. If we don`t, our readers will not know what we mean. Makes since, I mean sense, doesn`t it?=:o)

In addition to using the wrong word, I get turned off when I receive an email where the shift key is not used. "i have a great offer." Doesn`t the writer know that the keyboard has a shift key? It would seem that such errors come about because the writer does not know touch typing. We know that touch typing requires the little finger of the left hand to push down the shift key while the middle index finger hits the eye, I meant I. I guess I had better quit before I get into deep water, and this old man is not a good swimmer.


Copyright ? 2002 by Luther Powell

Papalou publishes "A Poor Man`s Newsletter." You can subscribe to the newsletter by mailing to: Papalou@bellsout.net?subject=Subscribe His website is at: http://www.Papalou.net

Luther Powell (Papalou) pulishes "A Poor Man`s Newsletter" Subscribe at: Papalou@bellsouth.net?subject=subscribe

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