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January 16, 2002

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"FUN" typing tutor!!!

24-Jan-2005 03:40:02 PM

Reviewer: Jocelyn

It is not boring like the others I have tried. It`s fun! The lessons, games, and practice stuff make learning easy for kids "or grown-ups". It even has a spy that will show you your typing stats when you type something out using certain word processing programs, like MS Word. As a 23 year old, I suggest this as a great learning tool for all ages. Try it out! The Garfield version of this program is also great! It has the same features, just different pals and pictures!

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Why no Mac Demo?

16-Jan-2005 02:40:01 PM

Reviewer: Jen

I`m very interested in TypingPal Jr., for both home and my school, but I can`t try the demo because it is PC only. Is there a Mac demo that I haven`t found?

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Interesting but not enough info from demo.

22-Nov-2002 12:34:17 PM

Reviewer: J`s Mom

Unless it was operator error, the demo only showed one game. The game was OK, but it is the reward for doing the program. I did not get a good sense of how the teaching of typing actually occurs with this product.

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24-Apr-2002 08:54:50 AM

Reviewer: tariq ameeen


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One of the best typing tutors

10-Apr-2002 01:18:49 PM

Reviewer: Doctor Dumb

This program teaches the basic touch-typing skills that every person needs to master. The demo version only teaches some skills/letters/fingers, however, the full version offers 30 dictations, 30 practice lessons, 70 thorough learning steps, statistics, and even a handy feature which checks your typing speed on any word processor (e-mail, Word, etc.). I recommend this to anyone with an interest in typing, from slow to 60 WPM (there are a number of different courses)

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SUICIDE - PLEASE DON`T LET THEM DIE! - By Trevor Barre - Life Coach


Brought to you by the Trevor Barre ? Life Coach

?Inspiring passion, enthusiasm, and commitment in my clients, I am committed to working with them to ensure they achieve their greatest goals and dreams in life.?

Web site: http://au.geocities.com/trevorbarre

Welcome to another issue of Live on the Edge ? a free newsletter for anyone interested in making a difference in and improving their life. Please share it with others who may benefit from reading it. These articles may be freely used and copied as long as full credit is given to the author and its originating source.

To SUBSCRIBE to this Newsletter please visit the above web site and click on Live on the Edge newsletter, typing ?Subscribe? in the subject line. To UNSUBSCRIBE at any time please type the word ?Unsubscribe? in the subject line.


Did you know that Australia has one of the highest youth suicide rates in the world, and that across the world, more people die at their own hand than are killed by others! In fact the last report I read estimated that one million people would die that year across the world of suicide ? ONE MILLION PEOPLE DEAD IN ONE YEAR ? THAT?S ONE PERSON EVERY 40 SECONDS!

Please, enough is enough. The time has come people to get serious about suicide. Not to talk about it, hold workshops about it, or set goals to beat it. The time has come to deal with it at a personal level, one-on-one, with those around you so that it never happens.

I?m talking about contacting with your friends, family, colleagues, workmates, neighbours, people at the bus stop, and in fact anywhere where you meet other people. But be warned - you won?t see someone with a placard advertising they are a potential suicide. You will need to be willing to spend time with people, to talk with them, and more importantly let them talk with you.

Being a great listener is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give someone contemplating suicide. They don?t need someone to advise them, moralise them, counsel them, or provide all the answers. They just need someone who cares enough to listen. Someone they can trust.

Will you be that person? I hope you will. You may never know you have saved a life, and you may never be thanked for that precious time spent helping another. But if you believe in any kind of Heaven, know this: your name will be recorded in a very special place, and you can be assured that one day, far into the future, you will meet that person again and there will be great rejoicing over the love and kindness shown to one of God?s creatures.

Please make the effort. Reach out and touch another human being today, and make a difference for all eternity!

Until next time, Live on the Edge.

Trevor Barre



This material is intended for informational purposes only. Financial, Legal, Health and Professional information is not Financial, Legal, Health and Professional advice. You should see a Financial, Legal, or Health Professional in the area in which you live if you need advice or counsel. Whilst every effort is made to provide information that is encouraging and insightful, no responsibility is accepted for any action/omission by the person receiving it.

As a life coach based in Australia, I am equipped to inspire passion, enthusiasm, and commitment in my clients, and to help them shape their life, relationships, and career. I am committed to working with my clients to ensure they are always treated with complete respect, honesty, and openness - in absolute confidence!

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