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Rainmaker Research

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A Story for Personal Transformation! - By Matthew Hurtado


You can read this story and have your dreams

Or you can remain where you are in life.

It`s that simple.


A Short-Story to Help One Understand How to Make

Change in Their Life.

By Matt Hurtado, AKA Buff Daddy





(There may be some errors in my typing, but

it`s Monday, and I`m trying to get this out


Walking along the path towards home, a young boy

named "I" started to think about his life-situation.

I began to think about how terrible his past was. I

wondered if tomorrow would be better for him, but

now was no time he thought.

I arrived at home and sat down in his favorite chair.

He began to get sleepy and drifted off into a dream

where he was met by a strange person.

"Who are you, and what are you doing?" Asked I as he

saw before him a vision of himself--only much more

happy, healthy, wise, and free--standing before him.

"I am you!" Replied the person standing there. "I

am the "Ghost" sent here to show you tomorrow.

Your future. Can you see how everything turned out

wonderful for you?"

"Yes" I can see it, I replied. "I can see how somehow

my body looks like I dreamed it would. You are like

a picture right out of a magazine, and yet you are me?!"

"I am you" said the ghost reassuringly. I have been

here all along. You sometimes do not trust me when

I contact you, but you see what I have to show you."

"I have traveled across time and space--which are

percieved as mind--and sent you visions for you to

come to me. You keep reverting back to those images

you won`t let go of. Those images of you that hold

you bound to your reality. I`ve come here now to

set you free."

"How can I believe you?" Replied "I".

The ghost then began to tell "I" a story. The story

was about a young boy who was born a very wealthy,

healthy, joy-filled being and was send away from his

father. The boy remembered for a few years a feeling

that brought him close to his father, but one day

would soon forget.

As the boy traveled through his life, he searched out

there for all the things he desired. He chased them

in search of that "feeling" again. This, however, he

did not know was really what he was looking for. The

boy was now a young man on his own and his life seemed

out of control. He began gaining weight, losing his

wealth, and ultimately became trapped in an identity

shaped and molded by experience. This identity was now

his reality. A reality in which he didn`t feel

comfortable with. A reality that was like a nightmare.

"I" sat and listened to this story. He could relate to

the story at the deepest levels of being. Somehow, he

knew there was something to be learned here. The ghost


This young man was born into bondage it seemed. It

seemed as if his life was predetermined by fate. His

fate was turning out to be a living hell. The young man

was now overweight, broke, unhappy and saw himself to be

this way through the eyes of the world.

This went on for the man until he reached his late 20`s.

Out of intense pain and soul-searching, the man had a

nervous break-down and fell to the floor. He couldn`t

stand the pain anymore and it broke him.

While on the floor, a bright, intense light came over

this man and filled his being. He wondered if he was

dying. If so, he figured it really didn`t matter. He

was ready to let it all go. To leave it all behind.

All of a sudden, it seemed as though time stopped.

The usual constant thinking and worrying this man used

to do came to a halt. What was left was an intense

present moment awareness. Almost like he was being

born again. Like he didn`t know anything as labels,

forms, or have any judgments. The man was finally

at peace within himself for the first time since his


Laying there, absorbing all the light and feeling that

feeling he subconsciously remembered as a young child.

He just kept his eyes closed and there was a strong

sense of connectedness to his inner-presence. His

world was shifted from out-there to inside of him now.

The light filled his presence and radiated throughout

his entire body. In each and every cell, the light

became an intense feeling of being awake.

From that day, the man`s life was like a rocket-ship

to the moon. No longer did he worry, fear, or let his

thoughts control him. In fact, he came to the conclusion

that 90 percent of all thinking was not necessary.

This new inner-connectedness to his inner-self became

his guide. The man remained fully-awake in the present

moment and took responsibility for his life-situation.

He knew he was in control now. Not then, now. He felt

free! Free from the "Ghost" of the past. Those fears

that kept haunting him day-in and day-out. He then

concluded that he suffered so much pain in his life

out of mind-created realities that didn`t exist. He

just layed down his mind from there on out and picked it

up to use it when he wanted to.

A few month`s later, the man was now in the leanest,

healthiest, happiest and most energetic shape of his

entire life. His bodyfat just melted off! What he found

was that, by not always thinking about things, he could

just be fully awake in the present moment and act from

his inner-feeling`s of comfort and discomfort. He knew

now that this was his natural "hard-wiring" he was

equipped with. It also came to his realization that his

father put that there to let him know how to find his way

home. It was a feeling right in his heart, sometimes by

his solar-plexes. He looked at his life-situation after

these last few month`s and realized it was much easier to

just be in the present and enjoy it. He turned all of

his problems and challenges over to his father now.

The man was on "auto-pilot" and stopped getting in the

way of his own highest good. He learned to take

responsibility instead of re-act. Instead of re-acting

out the past and re-creating the past, he now had the

ability to respond. And that`s what he did. His life

was turned over to his father and within a year--this

man was living his dream-life! Far greater than he

could have ever imagined it. He was now living it.

The ghost turned to "I" and looked with a smile.

"Your Ego is your prison I" said the ghost with

a stern look about him. "Your mind wants to do

anything it can to repeat the past and keep you

in a box. It makes you feel safe because it`s

what you know "I" isn`t it."

"Well, maybe you`re right. But my life-situation

is terrible right now and how could I want this?"

The ghost spoke again, "Your present moment has a

present--gifts from your father--when you learn to

embrace it. Forget what you have to do tomorrow,

next year, yesterday`s mess-up, they are all outside

of the present and you lose your self there."

"You mean to tell me that I`m not me?"

"Yes, when you are projecting outward in fear, anger,

disgust, worry, lack, or any other emotion of negativity,

you are putting your-self into the mind. The mind

then controls you. And when you let that happen, you

re-act and re-create the past. You also become

conditioned to be controlled by external influences.

You see the majority of humans living this way, and

you also see the majority of humans having their

lives out of control. They are overweight, broke,

chasing illusionary dreams and all types of insanity."

Gasping for a reality-check, "I" couldn`t believe what

he just heard. "You mean to tell me that most human

beings are being controlled?"

"Yes" said the ghost. "And not only that, most human

beings are human-doings. They always seek desires

outside of themselves, but the moral of the story is

to seek Thy Father. Thy Father is inside of you,

always knocking on the door to take over and hand you

your presents. Your presents. You must be fully

present to spend time with your father."

"OK, I think I understand" said "I". "How come

most people don`t just realize this and turn their

lives over then? Wouldn`t this bring them more

joy-filled existence?"

"Of course, but most people have to become `crucified`

as the metaphor of Jesus Christ expains it best.

The old way to enlightenment, or finding your father,

is through intense pain which forces you out of your

egoic mind. It brings you to the present by force.

There is a better way!"

"How`s that" said the mind-boggled "I" now.

"Simply choose to let all your attachments go to your

external world now. Forget about your social status

quo, your problems of tomorrow, your pains of the past.

Just remember to place all of your attention to what is

in the now. From there, you will be at one with your

father--the God-Force--and you will have access to the

most advanced guidance system available, as I mentioned

in the story. This guidance system is far more

intelligent than the mind and can take all knowledge

within the universe into consideration. It`s called

automatic right-choice awareness."

Looking with a glare of confidence now, I said "So,

all I have to do is be fully present--in the presence

of God--and use my automatic right-choice awareness?

This awareness that speaks to me in `feelings` of

comfort and discomfort?"

"You`ve got it!" The ghost cheered out. "I see you`ve

learned a valuable lesson today. All you have to do

is focus on the empty space around you. Focus on what

is between the sounds, shapes, etc. The spaces are

what keeps you in the now. Focus on the nothing-ness

around you. God is no-thing, so seek God there. The

still and empty space around you keeps you present.

And keep your attention in your body as much as

possible. Bring your attention inward and listen

from now on with your entire body. These suggestions

will help you. Remember to be a human-being and not

a human-doing. Just be in the moment and act if you

must. Take a pause before you act and do three very

important things:

1: Ask yourself: is this action going to bring

about the highest good for all involved?

2: Picture in your mind: see the end results of

your action for you and all involved.

3: Ask for guidance: put your attention towards

your heart and ask for guidance. If you feel comfort,

jump in and go forward. If you feel discomfort, take

no action.

It`s that simple" said the ghost.

With a jumping burst of energy, "I" woke up out of

his dream. I remembered all of the lessons he was

taught and decided it would be best to use them.

From that day, I never had another challenge that

kept him from moving forward again. I also realized

that everything that happened to him in his life

was moving him in the direction of his goals. I

stopped perceiving things as "good" or "bad". I

knew that he had the ability to respond now with

the highest technology available in the universe.

I used his inner-feelings to guide him from that day

forward and stopped thinking so much. I only think

when I am deciding to picture what I want to happen

in my life. This is how I became the master of his

mind. From there, I always surrendered to "what is"

and remained present--in the presence of God--and

turned over his challenges to the automatic right-

action awareness that only God could provide.

I now lives his fantasy dream-life now, just a couple

of years later. His friend`s all wonder how he gets

so lucky and makes all the right moves at all the

right times. It seems as though "I" was born under a

lucky star.


When you chase your father instead of illusions,

your dreams manifest with effortless ease.

Warmest Holidays,

Matt Hurtado


P.S. Pass this along to anybody who you think could

benefit. It`s a holiday gift that is priceless.

Matt Hurtado, AKA Buff Daddy, Professional Fitness Trainer, Entertainer, and Author. "How to Have a Super Body" at www.buff-daddy.com as well as a FREE ebook for download just for visiting. FREE newsletter for anyone interested in Matt`s ideas.

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