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August 29, 2006

Programming Art

Programming Art Key Advantage Typing is a program for learning how to type. It`s designed from the ground up to be fun, intuitive, and easy to use for everyone. You can work with the standard keyboard layout or learn the Dvorak layout for maximum speed and accuracy. Key Advantage Typing tracks the progress of multiple users and generates graphs and reports that are customized for each member of the family. Networks is not responsible for the content of this . We encourage you to determine whether this product or your intended use is legal. We do not encourage or condone the use of any software in violation of applicable laws.

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Are You Pretending to Have a Perfect Life - by Nita Jackson


Last time I checked ,the phrase cleanliness is next to godliness was not in the bible! Although He does say of himself that He is a God of order not disorder.

I know that we need to be in charge of our domain (after all who else will?)

I know a gal that has a picture perfect Home & Gardens type house. She ?s in charge honey! She?s after it! One day I came upon her washing the toilet by hand with a cloth (free from rubber gloves, mind you). Frankly that thought has never entered my mind!!! And I?m not sorry it never has! EUW! Gross! I have no need to control every molecule of dirt ,dust , food, or clothing! What I saw that as the essence of compulsiveness. I wondered if this behavior typified the way this person lived.

Does she have a picture perfect life -no. I?d love to have her house, but I don`t want her life.

My life is not perfect and I guess you couldn`t tell the amount of pain that plagues my life until you saw my house. Since becoming partially handicapped I have lowered my standards.

If I work on helping others be organized ,its tough after a day of typing to do much of anything! I suppose I could have a near perfect house but what good would that be if I hurt too much to enjoy the rest of my life.

What I am though, is what I call ?matchy -poo?color wise though! I just wont allow the color blue in my house. If I get a gift that color ,out the door it goes! Nothing drives me nuts more than six piece of stuff laying around in six different colors! It just reeks havoc with my peace!

I can sail by toast crumbs galore but man am I offended by lack of color coordination!

While toast crumbs are hardly Home & Garden ,there is a real person that lives at my house. The coffee ( or herbal tea if you prefer) is on. I can show you love if you show up on my door step and put my worry of appearing ?normal?on the back burner. I may have you sit at the kitchen table while I do the dishes while we talk. I will probably excuse myself to put another load in the dryer. I may take a book off my loaded bookshelf and give it to you to keep for you very own. I may even apologize that I have really been in pain from working and just haven`t been able to keep up. You will see who I really am - an information addict. You will very likely have to move a book out of your way so you can sit down or have room to drink your tea! I?m also one of those visual folk that needs a visual reminder to remember!

What I have a hard time doing is pretending my life is not going on if you drop in. Or for that matter even if you make an appointment! Honey, that is not my goal! I don`t live in fear of judgment , I take my time to help those who are recovering messies like myself. It is as worthy to me as any hospice volunteer.

I always say ?If you are paying my bills I?ll be more than happy to allow you to have input into how I keep my house, but until then ? (feel free to make up your own ending!)

I say all this hoping we can press on to in our lives.That we can be responsible to a goal of having a sane and peaceful life. Not to rest on our last victory but move toward greater victory! That we need not fear our weaknesses but be confident to press on and be proud to be a work in progress.

?Forgetting those things that lay behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead I press on toward the goal ?Apostle Paul ,Phillipians 3 verse13

?Nita Jackson www.organizetips.com 1997-2000 Content may Not be archived, retransmitted, saved in a database, or used for any purpose without premission.

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