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June 2, 2006

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Priority Computer Services

A-Z Typing Test is a professionally written software package designed to monitor your performance as a typist it reports on your speed wpm (words per minute), kph (keystrokes per hour) and accuracy (as a percentage of text typed). This record is stored under your individual profile and can be reviewed at any time in the future. The result of each test is stored individually and is used in conjunction with your other typing test results to give you a running of your keyboarding performance. The option to receive a certificate quoting the typing speed and accuracy of a particular test is available.

There are a number of tests to choose from, each graded in level of difficulty, giving individual challenges. Other features include: Customizing colors on the typing window. Password protecting profiles. Administrator functions include: Creation/deletion/maintenance of user profiles and creation/deletion/maintenance of typing test texts.

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How To Survive With Your Online Business - By Jordan Williams


So you decide to start your own Internet business with some really great products. You have a great looking site and everything is set up, so you`re now ready to jump into the online shark pool and dominate the Net right?

I know that you`re saying "shark pool"? Yes, that?s right it`s truly a shark pool out there. You didn`t think it would be that easy did you? We all have to prepare ourselves for some big changes that will be happening on the Net.

I have already started seeing the prices for leads, banner impressions, and other forms of advertising going up as well as the hundreds of thousands of web pages being added daily to the search engines. All of this points to one thing. That we all have more competition on the Internet than ever before and it will just get worse. So the question is: How can a small business or even an individual compete on the Internet? Just because you have a great looking web site or a great product doesn`t mean that you can dominate your market without some help. What you need is a competitive advantage. So that is just what I`m going to give you. Just follow some simple tips in this article and you will soon be running circles around your competitors.

1) Use ALL Forms Of Marketing

I know that this might sound obvious but most people on the Internet are only using one or two methods of marketing their website.

For example some people might just focus on search engine marketing by spending all their time trying to be listed #1 in a search engine. Then after they spent countless hours on this, the search engine changes their algorithm and they can no longer be found. What a waste of time! I am not saying that you shouldn?t be concerned about search engine marketing, but that you shouldn?t put all your eggs into one basket. If you use all avenues of Internet marketing then you can feel safe that you are getting traffic from several places and are not relying on just one source. If you would like to learn more about the different types of internet marketing you can sign up for eBiz Updates at:


It?s also important that you stay current and up to date about any new forms of Internet marketing. The Internet is constantly changing and there are always new methods of advertising available. In fact one of the more recent discoveries in advertising is RSS. RSS is a great marketing tool to use to get more traffic to your website and more prospects. If you haven?t got a chance to read about RSS then you can read all about it here:


2) Add More Value To Your Product or Service

There are so many websites offering the same thing in the same cookie cutter fashion that you really need to set yourself apart from the crowd and be unique. Just go the extra mile and increase the value of your product or service. It really doesn?t even have to be that hard. Just take some extra time to offer something that your competitors aren?t

willing to offer.

For example if you sell ebooks, why not offer your customers the option of receiving it as a physical product. Such as in a DVD, CD, CD-R, or even Audio Format. By making your ebook a physical product you will drastically improve the value and you can also charge more for it. This idea is not just for people who sell ebooks though. You can add value to just about any product or service that you have. For example, why not make some joint ventures and offer a huge discount for a service or product that compliments what your offering. I?m sure that if you put some thought into it, you can think of something yourself.

3) Maximize Your Web Sites Profit Potential

Most people are so focused on making money with their own product that they often forget about other income streams that they can profit from on their website. For example, have you thought about publishing ads on your site? I?m sure that you have noticed that all the big websites on the Net publish ads, but even small websites can easily increase their revenue by 20 or 30 percent by publishing ads on their site. It?s not hard to implement either. Usually you just copy and paste a code to your website and you can start delivering targeted ads to your visitors within a few minutes.

How about exit strategies? Are you making any money from the people leaving your site? Its just a fact of life that eventually everyone leaves your website. Why not add an exit popup to your site that directs them to an affiliate program or even better a web page where they can opt in to your email list. Also a lot of people just want to find what they?re looking for quickly without any hassles. So why not add a search box to your site where people can instantly find what they?re looking for by typing in a word. There are several sites that you can earn money by placing a search box on your site.

I know that these suggestions might seem obvious but if you actually utilize everything I talked about here you will be ahead of 90% of the websites out there.


Jordan Williams is dedicated to helping online business owners become more successful. Get the tools, software, and services to maximize your online profits at:



Jordan Williams, Owner of www.WebCashLink.com. Giving you the resources, software, and tools to maximize your online profits. WebCashLink.com

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