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TypingMaster Typing Test 6.3

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November 14, 2005

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16-Oct-2006 07:38:40 PM

Reviewer: SaintlyMic

Pros: This is an awesome typing tool!!!

I just might buy the pro edition.

This program is well worth adding to your collection!


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A Very enjoyable typing tutor

18-Jul-2006 01:38:49 AM

Reviewer: A-Khoo

Pros: Nice set of enjoyable typing games and tests (I like the cloud game). Very small download; no limitations although it installs as a demo. A very clear interface makes it ideal for young people (although it is also good for people of all ages). It gives good detail of typing ability and wood typing speed as well. As it works on OS Win 98 to XP, it is able to be run on almost all computers. An ideal download!!!

Was this review helpful? 4 of 4 users said yes.

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Cool typing tutor

22-Dec-2005 04:29:01 PM

Reviewer: ComputerJy

Pros: It has an intelligent rating system, gives you advices of how to increase typing speed according to your current speed

Was this review helpful? 9 of 11 users said yes.

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26-May-2006 03:27:44 AM

Reviewer: prateek003

Pros: this is just one more of those typing classes product.don`t download it unless you really want it

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It`s a great product

03-Apr-2006 09:51:18 AM

Reviewer: taylormade196613

Pros: it`s very useful,It has given me a chance to show my abilities where i thought I didn`t have a cahnce

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Tips to Avoid Internet Scams - By John Lynch


This article may be freely reproduced

provided it is unaltered and the resource

box at the end is included.

4 Tips to Avoid Internet Scams

If you are new to the internet you will come

across numerous programs offering promises

of riches. You may know about people who have

become rich on the Net but you have also heard

about the scams.

How do you distinquish between the genuine and

the con men? Here are a few points to keep in mind

when assessing any opportunity.

1 ) How do you recognise a Scam?

Usually a scam offers a lot of money in a short space

of time for a small fee. You must must pay something

to make hundreds of thousands. The job that you will

be offered will be easy, not requiring any previous

internet experience and it will require a maximum

of only two hours work a day.

You will be given descriptions of the glamorous

lifestyle you will lead in a short time. Exotic

foreign holidays will be yours , and expensive cars,

a bigger house, and a permanent end to the hated day


This income will be achieved usually through recruiting

other unsuspecting people into the program as your sub-

affiliates , who will generate passive income for you.

2) Are there any genuine Internet jobs?

Nobody wants an employee by their computer in

another part of the world performing routine tasks

such as placing advertisements, typing etc. when you

can get someone who is local just as offline businesses


Genuine jobs can be applied for on the internet in

the usual way through filling out application forms,

sending off c.v.`s/resumes. These jobs are usually


3) What can you do if you are scammed?

Usually nothing. Scammers are clever. They demand

fees which are not big - usually less than $100.

In this way they do not attract the attention of the

Police who have more urgent crimes to deal with.

However, bigger scams are stopped by the Police

when large sums of money are involved.

4) What can you do to avoid Internet Scams?

Be careful. Anyone can have a website under a

false name and false postal address. Anybody can

start an internet business for a short time and

swindle money. Then disappear only to open up

again under another name on another website.

What characterises a genuine website?

A genuine website does not offer money

for nothing.

It has a clear contact address

There are products or services for sale.

A useful site to visit if you have suspicions

about any opportunity is


It contains many articles about the more

popular scams.

If you are scammed, there is little point in

approaching the Police unless the sums of money

are big. Instead learn from the experience and

educate yourself about scams so as not to make

the same mistake twice.

? John Lynch 2003

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