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Super Easy Secrets To A Winning Domain Name - By Ewen Chia


Copyright ? 2002 By Ewen Chia

Are you having sleepless nights thinking of the

right domain name for your online business?

Well, everyone and everyone`s grandmother knows

by now why having your own domain is so important.

To sum it up, here`re the main advantages :

- It shows You are serious about your business

- It creates instant credibility for your business

- It creates a branding for your business

- It builds your online identity and is easily remembered

- It can be an excellent marketing tool when used correctly

- It is an investment and intellectual property owned by YOU

Needless to say - having your own domain is an

absolute NECCESSITY if you`re serious about

doing business online!

But aren`t all the good domain names gone you say?

It`s true that most short or one-word or generic names

are taken up, BUT you can still win at the domain

name game by following the simple steps

Here are the 5 super easy secrets to a winning

domain name anytime!


Every business needs to be branded, and that

does not exclude your online business!

Now what`s branding in simple terms?

It`s an identity that you want your customers to

remember you by, and the best way to do that

online is by your domain name!

For instance, your business branding may be

"Best Quality Service", so why not use that as

your domain name, BestQualityService.com

if it`s still available for registration?

This is a great way of creating a CONSISTENT

branding and identity!


How about using familiar or unique phrases

as your domain name? This can help differentiate

your site and heighten the recall factor

You can think up many catch-phrases for domain

branding, how about "CowJumpsOverTheMoon",

"MakeLoveNotWar", "SaleOfTheCentury", etc?

But it`s important that the phrases you use is

aligned to your business, you wouldn`t want to

use a domain like CheapAndGood.com when

you`re selling high end premium products,

it just doesn`t gel!


An important and smart approach to selecting

domain names used by many marketers is to

create the domain based on rich keywords

relating to their businesses. The reason behind

this lies in the fact that it helps enhance search

engine rankings, especially pay-per-click listings

which is essentially a bidding on top keywords.

As an example, if your site deals with golf

improvement, you may want to identify your

main keywords and come up with a domain

like "improve-golf-lower-scores.com"?

My personal example is my ezine site at


which utilised the keywords `Marketing` and

`Make Money`


A wonderful method of grabbing quality

domain names is by registering domains that

had expired or will be expiring!

Thousands upon thousands of domains are

expiring every other day and getting a good

one is real possible

Try this site http://www.DeletedDomains.com

to source for such domains, I grabbed

http://www.UltimateEbooks.com from their list

the last time I did a search

== BUYING ==

This option is a little more costly and risky but

you`ll have a better chance at finding a domain

that you really want.

There`re three main ways to go about this :

1. Email the webmaster of the existing domain

about your interest and intention

2. Bidding and buying at domain auction,

sale sites like http://www.Afternic.com; or

3. Typing in the name you need and you may

land on a `for sale` page

Here are also Three domain registrars that charge

less than $10 for each domain name registered

through them (no hidden charges).

I`ve personally used and tested them with my

own domain names and they`ve proven themselves

to be reliable and provide quality services.

Why spend more when you can save more?!


( a division of Register.com)



Can you STILL Win the domain name game?

You bet You can!

Ewen Chia is the author of "Amazing Free Traffic Formula!" with website at http://www.FreeTargetedTraffic.com He also publishes the "Money Making Marketing Report" Subscribe at http://www.Marketing-Make-Money.com or send blank email to mailto:mmm@followup101.com

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