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Mouse Blog: a little tidbit on buying mice 10x MarketingThere sure are a lot of mice to buy out there which one is good for my situation. Game mice, wireless mice, traditional mice, all right here!

ISP Load Balancing highreplica highreplicaScalable, Reliable, Secure are generally not terms that are considered when talking about todays SME`s and their connectivity. But these are all issues that most companies face as reliance on Internet communicates increase..

Link Load Balancing highreplica highreplicaLoad balancing is the even distribution of computer processing and communication activities so that a server is not overwhelmed. Load balancing is especially important for networks where it is difficult to predict the number of requests that will be issued to a server .

HARDWARE LOAD BALANCING LIGHTENS SERVER LOAD highreplica highreplicaLoad balancing is the even distribution of computer processing and communication activities so that a server is not overwhelmed. Load balancing is especially important for networks where it is difficult to predict the number of requests that will be issued to a server ..

Server Load Balancing: Introduction highreplica highreplicaIf there is only one web server responding to all the incoming HTTP requests for your website, the capacity of the web server may not be able to handle high volumes of incoming traffic once the website becomes popular. The website`s pages will load slowly as some of the users will have to wait until the web server is free to process their requests. The increase in traffic and connections to your website can lead to a point where upgrading the server hardware will no longer be cost effective ..

MAC STORAGE DEVICES Emp EmpIf you want to store files on a CD or DVD, a FireWire or USB hard drive, a USB flash drive, or other removable storage media (like a Zip disk), here`s how to connect each device to your Mac and access it.

The Ideal Complement To Small Businesses - Office Copier Solutions Ram Prasad

Since the advent of Xerox s first fully plain paper photocopier in the global market, office document management has turned more organized. Now, you can t imagine the progress of a business, whether small or big without the proper aid of office document solutions like photocopiers.

15 Steps to Speed Up Your Computer Pinky Mcbanon

Your question, how do I speed up my computer? You get frustrated when your computer is very slow. You can now save yourself from aggravation especially when you are very busy working. I will show you 15 steps to do to speed up your computer.

Common Problems Why Hard Disks Crash Pinky Mcbanon

Not booting up. Weird and cracking noise. Can not recognize the existence of the hard drive. No activity light flashing. These might be signs of hard disk failure!

10 Smart Ways to Protect Your Computer against Viruses Pinky Mcbanon

Virus infection on your computer may cause a very serious damage and even loss on your business. You can just imagine it may wreck your system registry or your entire computer (with all your receivables data on it!) or all your HTML programs! It will come to total black out screen, it will not boot at all. But that is actually the worse scenario that may happen. Are you going to wait for this worse scenario in your life to happen? I guess NOT, right?

10 Things You Should Do When Your Computer Freeze or Hang-Up Pinky Mcbanon

You are in the middle of doing your work, suddenly you realized your computer hang up. But the problem is, you have not saved your work! Don t panic! There is a solution for that! And you can surely save your file! Here s how:

Choosing the Right Computer System for Your Medical Practice Pinky Mcbanon

Making a decision on what computer hardware to choose is very critical to your practice and for your compliancy. The good news is, computers nowadays are incredibly affordable! You can now get a complete desktop with monitor with as low as $450.00 Most of these computers are windows-based operating system. Your existing medical billing software will definitely be compatible on any of these Windows operating systems.

Printer and Print Sharing Pinky Mcbanon

Printer sharing is a very useful resource on your home or business network. You will be able to print from any computer if that printer is being shared in the network. If you have 3 computers all connected in the network, it is just logical to share it among the computers.

Used Pocket PC`s Pros And Cons Dalvin RumseyWhen it comes to buying a pocket pc, there are a few things that one must absolutely consider. Should you want to get a used one, one of the most popular places to look is, of course, he Internet. But then you will have to evaluate the risk of buying a preowned thing.

Building a Computer -- Is it Right for You? E. Blumenthal

Building your own computer can be the right decision for you. Depending on your needs, you can end up with a higher quality computer better suited for your requirements if you build it yourself.

What Exactly Is A USB Bluetooth Dongle? Samantha Hasson

The term dongle is actually a slang word for an external hardware device with a bit of memory inside of it. It attaches to your personal computer or laptop and dangles off of it (hence, the term dongle )

Apple introduced FireWire audio interface for Garage Band Emp EmpThe analog FireWire audio device, the first product of its recently created iPod division, will allow users to directly record audio using any Mac and Apple s Garage Band music studio application.

Apple new iMac line with Intel core 2 Duo Emp EmpIntel Core Duo consists of two cores on one die, a 2 MiB L2 cache shared

The Battle Of The Printers Which One will Win ? Inkjet VS Laser by Richard Sherland Sherland

Laser printer prices are coming down it`s sometimes had to make a decision betwween inkjet or laser.Here we discuss the advantages of both.

Advanced Techniques For Unclogging Print Heads Richard Sherland Sherland

Some inkjet cartridge clogs are very difficult to clear. When you run onto one of these you will nee d the most powerful methods available. This article gives some of the methods used

How to prevent your Computer from Slowdowns Vinay ChoubeyPrevention of your computer from slowdowns effects the performance of your computer, because if your computer working with proper speed, it definitely increases your efficiency and working speed.

Refilling Ink Cartridges Secret`s Of A Pro Richard Sherland Sherland

In recent years ink cartridges have changed making them harder to refill.This article gives some tips to help solve some of the promlems.

USB thumb drives - personal storage and more Michael Paul

USB thumb drives have almost completely replaced floppy discs as the standard form of portable personal storage. However, with today`s technology, thumb drives are offer much more that just a reliable form of storage. From running software and booting operating systems to playing media, thumb drives have secured their place in pockets of people everywhere for years to come.

What`s The Best Computer and Why Richard Sherland Sherland

Many are misinformed about what is the best computer.This article lets you know which are the best and why.

How To Save Extraordinary Amounts Of Money On Ink Richard Sherland Sherland

This article tell the secrets to saving a lot of money on ink cartridges.

You Might be Throwing Money Away! Richard Sherland Sherland

You can start a cartridge recycling business with almost no money.Some people have turned it into a big business.

Guide to Buying a Webcam Andrew Gates GatesBefore you make a choice about any webcam equipment, it helps to decide exactly how you want to use the technology.

Latest Technoogy in Tape Products. Adil Arif

New high-end and midrange tape products are comin g, with a focus on security and reliability.

Buying Guide to Graphics Cards Andrew Gates GatesThe graphics card is a vital performance component of your computer, particularly if you play 3D games, or work with graphics and video content.

Hard Disk uCertify Team

A hard disk is a secondary storage device that is connected to a computer

How To Troubleshoot Power Supply Problems otis cooper

Learn to reconize pc failure resulting from an aili ng power supply.Learn to to troubleshoot power supply problems

Guide to buying Hard Drives Andrew Gates GatesHow to shop for an internal or external drive like a pro.

Latest Features of Apple Computer Emp EmpApple: Macintosh, based on the Alchemy architecture, features a 250 MHz PowerPC 603e processor, an ATI 3D RAGE II graphics accelerator, Video input, a TV/FM radio card, a side-mounted CD-ROM drive, a custom Bose speaker system complete with subwoofer, and a unique keyboard with an integrated Italian leather palm rest.

10.2 Jaguar : Apple`s New Innovative and Revolution Mac OS X Version Emp EmpApple Developed the Original Mac OX as a brand new OS. When you start Mac OS X version 10.2 Jaguar, you are greeted with the friendly. Aqua user interface, which enables you to work with programs, files, communications, and other functions and content. This latest version of the Macintosh operating system offers even more easy and elegant functionality.

Latest Features of Apple Computer OnlineGhar GharApple: Macintosh, based on the Alchemy architecture, features a 250 MHz PowerPC 603e processor, an ATI 3D RAGE II graphics accelerator, Video input, a TV/FM radio card, a side-mounted CD-ROM drive, a custom Bose speaker system complete with subwoofer, and a unique keyboard with an integrated Italian leather palm rest.

Directory Architecture of Mac Emp EmpMac OS X marks a significant first for Apple, an enterprise-capable operating system. Built from the ground up based on open standards with powerful Unix-like underpinnings,

Locking Down Workstations ITX CorpIn recent years abuse has escalated. Workers are installing software indiscriminately-MP3 players, games, spyware, unlicensed software, etc.-at the same time that corporate networks are becoming more tightly integrated with critical data and applications. The result is a helpdesk nightmare, as well as an at-risk IT infrastructure.

The Mac as a Java Development and Execution Platform Emp EmpMac and Linux have real shells (a pleasure to use), Windows is a bit behi nd there, but the DOS console has become good enough with XP that I didn`t mind it too much.

Mac plus monitor Latest Mac Technology Emp EmpMac Plus, tan, little to slight fading, with 4 Megs RAM, 800K floppy: ask for price, state cosmetic condition, note if you want a keyboard and mouse.

Mac-Based Retro Writing Software OnlineGhar GharAs the reaction to Write Room proves, there is enormous pent-up demand for applications that do one thing well. When the platform for those applications is the service-oriented Web, the office suite can be reinvented as a loosely coupled set of communicating parts.

Benefits of Using Ergonomic Mouse Pads Kevin Whales Whales

Ergonomic mouse pads save you from many musculoskeletal disorders related with wrists, palm and shoulder. It also puts an end to the tingling sensation in your fingertips. If you work for longer period of time on computer and do not use ergonomic mouse pads then you may have to keep the hands in an awkward situation for whole of the duration and underside of the palm may experience sharp pains. Ergonomic mouse pads are designed keeping in m ind that human body is not designed for typing at the speed of sixty words per minute or using the mouse endlessly.

The Dos and Don ts to Protect your custom built computers azhar iqbal

It s really important to know how you may easily protect your computers from spywares and aniviruses, they are always there to sabotage your smart computer and previous data. This article gives you what is required

Help to choose your monitor Andrew Gates GatesMaking the right choice in a computer display or monitor is an important part of involving yourself in today`s web-browsing and multi-media technology.

Cost-Effective Alternatives for Replacing and Refilling Your HP LaserJet Toner Cartridge groshan fabiolaHewlett Packard hardware products are world renowned for their reliability, good performance and durability.

Avoid Data Loss during Thunderstorms and Blackouts Alison WhiteComputerBatteries is advising that in order to avoid the risk of losing data, you should take heed the government s current heat wave warning and protect IT equipment in your office.

HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray: The Great Optical Disc Battle Phillip Jr. Kimpo

Two new players i n the optical storage scene have arrived -- HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, and they`re both out to claim the mantle of the true successor to DVD. What are their basic features, and how well do they match up against each other? Who are the big players in the industry that support these formats?

Utility of Macintosh in today?s corporate world Emp EmpWhen we sending Apple Macintosh files, the format is compatible with existing mechanisms for distributing Macintosh files, while allowing non-Macintosh systems access to data in standardizes formats.

The Universal compatibility and Power Mac Emp EmpThe more recently announced Apple`s Mac mini has been turning some heads, even in the PC world. If the iMac G5 is basically a 1U server attached to a monitor,

Blu-ray vs HD-DVD - The lowdown on the warring formats Josh Biggs Biggs

The current aim of blu-ray and HD-DVD is to get as much public support quickly as ultimately it is the consumer who will decide which format comes out on top. With the unification talks failing it is up to you to make the decision of which format to adopt. To help you with this tough decision is the lowdown on how each format matches below.

Cable companies scramble for their piece of increasing VoIP market Razvan Marian Jr

Cable c ompanies scramble to compete with telecoms for the expanding VoIP market.

Powerful and Cheapest Apple Computer Accessories for You Emp Emp8 July, 2006, G4 Power Mac Speaker Guard

Stylize your G4 Power Mac with this innovative speaker guard. It is one of a kind and delicately hand crafted from 100% aluminum.

Professional Software?s Emp Emp1st July 2006 , The graphical user interface (GUI) was actually developed

Extend Your Laptop Battery`s Life Alison White Infinite battery life is the Holy Grail for all laptop owners.

Mac Parts - A great inventory on Apple Parts Emp EmpJune 27, 2006 Apple introduced the Macintosh family in 1984 and today makes consumer, professional, and educational computers.

Magnetic Stripe Reader ? A Popular POS Component Brad JonesMillions of magnetic stripe readers, magnetic stripe check readers are installed worldwide are used in financial institutions, retail stores, telecommunication companies, kiosks, gaming, transit, schools, sports and recreation facilities and clubs for identification and transportation purposes.

Guide to buying a desktop computer Andrew Gates GatesLooking to buy a new desktop personal computer system? This guide helps you make an informed purchasing decision.

Do You Know The Encyclopedia of Mac ? Emp EmpJune26, 2006, Apple is an American computer technology corporation develops, sells, and supports a series of personal computers, portable media players, computer software, and computer hardware accessories.

Mac Computers are Gorgeous Emp Emp24th June 2006 ,No doubt. Since they retain the hardware specs, and therefore, a lock on the hardware on which Jaguar will run, they`ve done a great job at making said hardware sleek, modern, and fancy. They`ve done a lot of work to make the computer look like a futuristic device.

Mac Operating System: A Revolution in Computer World Emp Emp23rd June, This is the operating system that runs on Macintosh computers. It is pronounced, "mack-oh-es." The Mac OS has been around since the first Macintosh was introduced in 1984.

The Evolution of Mac?? OnlineGhar GharA family of desktop and laptop computers from Apple, introduced in 1984.When spelled Mac, short for Macintosh computer. It was the first computer to popularize the graphical user interface (GUI). The combination of Mac hardware and software has been exceptionally consistent over the years, providing an ease of use that Mac users have enjoyed.

A to Z of Mac Parts Emp EmpMac OS runs smoothly. That`s what I noticed first off. There`s very little waiting, very little fussing, very little Ctrl+Alt+Del/End Task for behavior control.

Need a Computer? Read This! Eric Murray

The article gives suggestions of things you should do before buying a computer.

Laptop and Notebook Computer AC Power Adapters stella blue

An AC Power Adapter is an electronic device which produces a specific direct current from the mains with an Alternating

Current (AC). Although actually a power supply it is popularly known as an AC Power Adapter or AC Adapter.

Take Care Of You Laptop Battery Or Else Richard CussonsFind our how to take care of your laptop battery or risk losing everything

Computer Parts - No More a Hidden Business Emp EmpComputer parts are an important peripheral for any business houses today. Computer hardware is the physical part of a computer, including the digital circuitry,

Guide to Buying a New printer Andrew Gates GatesThe purpose of this buying guide is to help you decipher information about printers and make your choice an easier one.

Vacationing with a Laptop and a Digital Camera by David Perlmutter

This article discusses vacation with both a laptop and a digital camera.

How To Choose Which Computer Tim Drake

There are only a few main parts of the computer that truly make the difference between the others. As long as when you are looking for the right computer to buy, you pay attention to these parts and see what they are, and how fast they are, you will end up with the computer system you really want and need, instead of another computer that you will be looking at upgrading in the near future.

DSL Is Really Very Easy To Understand - Needs and Compatibility Richard Meeuwsen MeeuwsenEasy to understand DSL information plus compatibility tests from the http://paradisewireless.com/dsl.htm webpage. It is no big deal to get an unders tanding about what it is, how it works and how it compares to your other choices for getting high speed internet access.

Office Supplies and Client Relation Graham Coleman

Every office is different and subscribes to different office supplies. Many companies try to ignore the fact that the job of stationery supplier, demands a specialist s direct and sensitive attachment.

Common Printer Ink Questions Answered oliver turnerWhat are the options available for refilling my printer? Do remanufactured cartridges harm the machine? And many other questions answered.

How Motherboards Work gigi jimmy

How Motherboards Work

Review of the Epson Stylus Pro 9800: Its First Year in Retrospect by Kirk Economos

It has been a year since the first announcement of the Epson Stylus Pro 9800 printer, the new generation of 44 inch width, inkjet printer from Epson. Like many of the new releases from Epson, the printer was highly anticipated; offered breakthrough new features; and was impossible to get for about 7 months. The initial rush has past, the printers are readily available, and it is time to take a moment to reflect on the good and bad points of Epson s latest printing wonder.

Buying a Refurbished Laptop Computer David Perlmutter

This article discusses tips for buying a refurbished laptop computer.

Right Monitor Size for your Computer Ihab Sarsour

Right Monitor Size for your Computer ,What matters is monitor resolution

Some quality guidelines about Laptops azhar iqbal

Every one from us think to buy a laptop when the need arises, laptops are quite essential to have for professionals, moving every time, needs to present reports, showing catalogues etc. What are the guidelines you must remember to select laptops and care those because no doubt that is a big investment

How Evidence Eliminator Works Ben SikesWorld-renowned Evidence Eliminator is a sure fire way to remove secret and sensitive data from a PC once and for all.

CyberScrub Privacy Suite Ben SikesCyberScrub Privacy Suite is a tool intended to wipe out all traces of data from a PC hard drive and encrypt sensitive data. Used by federal agencies and the US military, Cyb erScrub Privacy Suite confirms to US Department of Defense 5220.22 standards for secure file erasure.

The Top Five DVD-ROM Decisions to Consider Chris Landolfi

The top five things to consider before purchasing a DVD-ROM drive for your computer.

Gig`Em - How to Decide Which Hard Drive Is Right For You Chris Landolfi

Info to help you decide on a hard drive when buying a hard drive for your computer.

Getting Graphic - Five How-to?s in Choosing the Best Graphics Card For your Computer Chris Landolfi

Info on computer graphics cards to help you in your buying decision.

Laptop Batteries Explained Alison WhiteLapto p Battery Chemistries

Laptop batteries come in all shapes and sizes also differ in their chemical composition. The chemistry of a battery refers to the chemical make-up of the cells inside the outer casing.

How Platespin Server Consolidation Works Jennifer Hanson

It is no secret that servers can take up a lot of floor space, and power. As a result, they can sometimes seem inconvenient. One way to save space and power is to consolidate servers. Server consolidation is very important in order to ease some of the frustrations of overdue consolidation processes.

The Milestone of Portable Storage Media Paul Zantander

From VHS to DVD to Blue-ray Disc. A portable storage media milestone.

How to upgrade your video graphics card Michael Cottier

[ 2006-04 -13 ]

Don t Make Your Computer A Target When It Comes To Physical Security ITX Corp

Refurbished Laptops 101 Alison Quinn

A wonder of the modern age John Jones

OEM vs. Remanufactured and Compatible Cartridges Sally Adams

The Chemistry of Laptop Batteries Explained Mansi gupta

The Capacity of Laptop Batteries Explained Mansi gupta

How to Choose Computer Peripherals Al ex Fir

Computer peripherals are an important part of our lives and activities, if not the most important one, depending on our needs and habits.

Advantages of a Dedicated Server David ChandlerA dedicated server for web hosting does have its advantages. Faster speeds, more bandwidth, and the ability to control and manage your own server.

You will need to Change a toner cartridge because: DAVID SKULYour printer implicates that toner is not full enough to print. Note: Low toner generally implies you can print a couple hundred extra pages without a problem

How to build a PC Richard Paley

Do you know what could beat the exciting feeling of having a new computer? Make your own PC!

How to Download Your Old Computer to the Highest Bidder Donald LeeWhen you think trash, you surely don t think about your old, trusty personal computer. But that s exactly what will become of it when you make the inevitable move toward your next laptop or desktop. And, yes, buying a new computer is inevitable, considering the pace at which computer technology zips along. Just think about a handful of years ago, a fast microprocessor for a laptop was at 233 MHz. Now you re looking at about at least 2 GHz! That s Giga, with a G.

How Have Ink Cartridges Evolved Over The Years Andrew James

How have ink cartridges evolved over the years and how do they affect us now and in the future ?

How Security Camera Systems Work Derek Hanksworth

This article explains how security camera systems work and where the technology is going.

Start working with Digital Signal Processing O G POPA

This article presents the minimum information needed to guide the readers towards working with DSP. The options presented deal with practical implementation of DSP, and they represent the cheapest alternative available.

Finding Places To Access The Internet For Free Ron KingYou can connect your laptop to the internet when you are out, at places called "hotspots." Public institutions, businesses, even small shops offer free or very cheap internet access.

Wireless Networks: How Do They Work Ron KingWireless networking can be thought of as Morse code for computers.For all its complicated ability, is far simpler to use than you might expect.

Understanding SCSI Tamara Harahsheh

SCSI,IDE,EIDE all describes the interface between the disk and the computer. The following is a brief description of SCSI.

Breaking the Worry Cycle - By Steve Jones


Suppose someone invited you to spend time today clasping the positive and negative terminals of your car battery ? just for the pain of it. Just so you can feel the jolt and watch the shower of sparks. I doubt there would be many takers. The shock would ruin your day, and possibly your battery.

Most people have no appetite for such self-torture, at least not in such an overt form. They prefer the veiled variety: worry. For millions, it`s the misery of choice.

Worry strips away the joys of today. It reaches into the unforeseeable future and takes out a loan on trouble ? trouble that may or may not occur. "He who fears what he may suffer," says an old proverb, "already suffers what he fears." And what he or she fears usually doesn`t even come to pass, making the suffering of worry entirely gratuitous.

Of course, most worriers admit that there is no logic in worry. But they feel powerless to shut it off. Like water from a broken pipe, the worry just gushes as they look on. Such passivity, however, is self-defeating and deceptive. We can do something. And while we may not be able to halt worry entirely (being human), there are strategies we can employ to reduce its hold on our lives.

One mental habit helpful in managing worry is to consistently envision our lives as a series of 24-hour episodes, and focus our energies on the particular episode we`re starring in at the time. It involves a conscious decision to restrict our anxious care only to that block of time between sunrise and bedtime. Of course, that doesn`t preclude planning and considering future problems. But it does mean that we learn to live most of our lives in the present tense, where we can actually do something about the problems that face us.

Dale Carnegie, in his classic book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, writes of the eternity behind us and the one before us ? the past and the future ? and our inability to live in either. Today is where we are, and the present is what we should busy ourselves with. Life is a journey of 24 hours today. Then 24 tomorrow, and so on.

You`ve probably heard this illustration, but it bears repeating: Imagine that a housewife or househusband could see the mountain of dishes that would ultimately need washing throughout all of life. Think of how that person would sink into despair after seeing all the dirty dishes of the future piled up in a one towering stack alongside the Washington Monument.

"Do all this? How will I ever be able to get it done?" The answer, of course, is one sink`s worth at a time, one day at a time. Broken down thus, the task is not nearly so daunting. And that is the attitude we must cultivate about life in general. "Each day," said Jesus of Nazareth in his Sermon on the Mount, "has enough trouble of its own."

The objection here is almost immediate: "I just don`t look at life that way." Granted, such a perspective doesn`t come naturally for a lot of people. For most of us, it`s a learned discipline. Similarly, golfers learn to keep the head down when they swing. It doesn`t come automatically, it must be acquired through habit ? doing it the right way over and over until it becomes second nature. That`s the way we install most of our skills: riding a bicycle, typing, driving a stick shift, etc. Learning to view life from a healthier vantage point is no different.

But some worriers are in a deeper hole than others. Those who struggle with anxiety tend to have acute worry problems. They develop a kind of "mental itch," a compulsion to visit and revisit matters, to turn them around and overanalyze them. When a worry comes to mind, they feel uncomfortable leaving it alone. But the analysis almost never resolves the worrisome thought. On the contrary, it only deepens the anxiety.

So what can they do? Well, they can grit their teeth, ignore the "itch" and tell themselves they simply won`t ever think about the troubling thought that has intruded into their consciousness. But it won`t work. There is too much mental discomfort in trying to disregard a given worry forever and ever. It`s too ambitious a program.

Edna Foa and Reid Wilson, in their book Stop Obsessing!, outline a more effectual strategy: Tell yourself you won`t think about the troubling concern now, but that you will do so later. Set an appointment with yourself to think about the concern. Give yourself a set amount of time to analyze it. Then be done with it.

The mental dialog goes like this: This worry really troubles me right now. And it may warrant my consideration. But I`m not going to analyze it right now. I`ll set aside some time at 10:30 a.m. ? say, 10 or 15 minutes -- to hash this thing out. That`s about an hour from now. I can hang in there for an hour of not analyzing it.

Chances are, when 10:30 comes, that particular worry won`t have the emotional stranglehold over you that it did the moment it entered your mind. It will have dissipated significantly. You may not even feel you need to keep the appointment at all, and that`s fine. Let it go.

If we don`t let it go, we may have something much more significant to worry about ? something warranted and real. It`s a life wasted on worry, an existence devoid of energy and joy. And worse yet, it`s the shipwreck of our health. Physicians will testify to the damage worry can do to the heart, immune system and general well-being.

So let`s turn from the future ills that may or may not beset us and turn to the real task at hand -- living our lives today, engaging the challenges of this 24-hour block of time. If we don`t, we may be limiting the number of tomorrows we have left.

Steve Jones is a former newspaper editor living in the Atlanta area.

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