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Do you looking for RocketReader software? You can find here the speed reading soft. RocketReader program is not online and not free. Here you can find 15 free online speed reading programs. Speed reading offline RocketReader  courses, books and tapes focus on explaining is not free. You can study how to speed-read online. It just looking at the free online flash films. Learn to speed read while surfing the net.

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Speed reading tips

Using active reading techniques to ensure that you keep focused on the material. Knowing what you need to know, and reading appropriately. Understanding how to extract information from different article types. Reading at the appropriate depth: skimming, scanning and studying. Learning how to read junk mail effectively. Using indexes, tables of contents, glossaries and Mind Maps to help you assimilate technical information. Creating your own table of contents for reviewing subject analyses. Using a table of contents for reading magazines and newspapers, and clipping interesting texts.

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