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Water meditation movie

This is free online water flash meditation movie. Download water meditation movie

Mind machines and meditation

Take a look at our wide selection of Light and Sound Mind Machines, AudioStrobe CDs, Turbosonix CDs, and Biofeedback Machines:

Proteus Mind Machine Features, Proteus Mind Machine Owners Manual Proteus Mind Machine Interfaces with a Computer Program Editing Capability Included Proteus Mind Machine. Sirius Mind Machine Features "X" Sirius Mind Machine 23 built in programs AudioStrobeR decoder, Color Pulse, MicroPulse Plug & Play Machine

Minds Eye Mind Machine Features "X" Minds Eye Mind Machine 50 preset programs Program expansion available Interfaces with a computer

To see a comparison chart of Proteus, Sirius and Minds Eye features click here

Photosonix Mind Machines

Muse Sharp Mind Machine by Photosonix 30 Built In Programs 25 Downloads Available Muse Sharp Mind Machine $215 $225 NON US Residents Express Mail & Insurance