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About Aura

One method of visual hypnosis, is simply staring at a fixed point for a while. A common one, is staring at a candle in a dark room. Or try our two computer graphic visual self hypnosis downloads that work well for that same method also. Just click on the link, make sure there are no disturbances around you, and stare at the center of the picture. The longer you do it, the better the effect. Try 10 minutes to a half-hour. You should start to feel more calm, your body may feel heavier or lighter, bigger or smaller. Your mind will get clearer and you will be able to think more effectively, and have better problem solving skills.

All colors have a uniquely colored aura of their own that are of a completely different color. These auras, given off by colors, are denser and far easier to see than any other aura. Using this as a basis, I have designed a simple, graduated training method that has most people seeing an aura the first time they try it.

The auric colors you will see building up from colored objects are similar in appearance to the after images generated by staring at a brightly colored shape and then quickly looking at a neutral colored wall. The similarity in the colors, rather than contradicting the validity of the auric colors of color, confirms them. Why would they be any different?

You can, in the early stages of learning to see auras, cause an after image that is still seen when you look away. This is caused by staring too hard, and for too long, resulting in color depletion of the rods and cones in the eyes. With practice, much less effort is needed and no after images are seen, only the aura.

The way the aura builds up is totally unlike the way an after image appears. If, while an aura is building up, you shift focus slightly, or blink, it disappears instantly. An after image does not.

I have been able to see the human aura for many years. I was not born with this ability but taught myself. It took me several years! I know the problems inherent in learning this and the new training method is designed to overcome them.