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  • Crypto kids game - Select the mathematical signs to make the math problem correct. Click on "New Game" to start playing. To check your answer, click on "Check". To see the solution, click on "Show Answer".
  • Marble kids game - (*) The objective of the game is to remove all but one red marble from the checkerboard. To remove a marble you must skip over another marble to an open spot on the board. The marble that was skipped over is removed. The skip-over can be in any direction on the board. To begin playing, left click to choose a starting point/empty spot on the board. Then choose a marble to move by left clicking on the marble. To complete your move, skip over another marble and left click on the open spot to place the marble. Repeat the procedure until all but one marble is left on the board. You can also use the suggested moves in the box above as your guide.
  • Math chaser kids game - When you click on the button, an equation will appear on it. Several answers will start moving around the screen until you choose the right one.
  • Stop gate kids online s game (*) - Your objective is to block your opponent from marking the squares. You win when your opponent are not able to make a mark and complete his turn. Player 1 plays vertically and player 2 plays horizontally on the squares. To make a mark, left click on a square. Each mark will take two squares. There are a maximum of two players in this game. Play against an opponent or the computer.
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