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To answer your question, my eidetic memory was only trained for a short time (2 to 3 weeks) during one college break. Sad to say, since my improved visual recall ability did fade away when I stopped training, I never had the chance to see how a stronger eidetic memory would improve my academic performance in a traditional school setting.

I believe your program Eidetic Memory Training can improve academic performance if used correctly/regularly, and it deserves more mainstream attention, because it puts our brain into unique/intense training situations that traditional classrooms couldn't. For example, when I was going to school in Canada (probably true for you in Russia too), teacher would only occasionally ask students to recall what they saw or heard a few seconds or minutes ago (to test if you've paid attention!) It was simply not possible (no time) for teachers to test students' information recall ability on a ultra high frequency basis. This is where your program comes in. I believe, it pushes our brain into high frequency recall so much that it raises our data intake rate and recall speed even when we're relaxed and not entirely focused. With regular use, the improved recall ability becomes natural and automatic.

I firmly believe brain training programs like yours have a lot of potential in the global market place, since it has the potential to not only improve young persons' academic performance but also improve the quality of life of elderlies. With populations aging rapidly across develped nations, the adult brain training industry is bound to become hugely important.

You've probably thought about it, but how about making an IPhone/IPad version of your program? Judging by the huge success of Brain Age (DS), the demand for brain training/maintenance is really out there, especially from middle age adults and elderlies. Your program would definitely reach more people if it's available on portable devices. Or even make a Chinese version, from what I know people in China right now are very eager for self improvement.

As a suggestion, make it more visually stimulating. I find that a lot of people will only 'judge a book by its cover' if you know what I mean.

Anyways, lets exchange ideas in the future. I find this industry to be truly facinating.