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Software Review for Eidetic Memory Training

Despite its simplistic design, the Eidetic Memory Training program by Serge Mikhailov is one of the most effective visual recall training programs on the market. Over the years, as an avid user of software gaming, I've tested many of those so called 'electronic brain training' programs on the market, from children/adult brain training software and memory puzzles on the PC to titles such as Brain Age (I & II) and Big Brain Academy on the NINTENDO DS. To this day, I can whole heartedly say Eidetic Memory Training, is the only program that made a lasting impression. This program not only improved my visual recall ability after roughly 2 weeks of training but made me into a firm believer of the idea that photographic memory (to some capacity) is trainable.

Eidetic Memory Training is a memory training program in which the computer momentarily flashes random images on a square grid (3x3, 4x4, 5x5.., etc) and the user must recreate the same grid image once the images disappear. The program is designed to test & train a person's visual recall ability, in terms of detail and spatial location. Now, I find that the key to using this program effectively and work the right areas of your brain, is to play it the right way.

Well, what is the 'right way?' The right way, I believe, is to first of all see the whole grid as a single image, and try to take in every aspect of that image before it disappears. Afterwards, close your eyes and try to visualize that image in your head. Once you think that mental image is complete, open your eyes and visual that image onto the empty grid, then choose the correct images from the left side box and fill the grid. The key to making this exercise effective is to close your eyes and 'not cheat.' By cheating, I mean to verbally or mentally whisper out what you see before the images disappear. This 'technique,' which utilizes your audio memory, greatly lessens the work load of your brain in terms of visual memory while significantly decreases the difficulty level and the effectiveness the exercise. If you really want to work your brain and push its visual recall ability to a higher level, don't cheat or use any short cuts, be completely silent verbally and internally. This long way approach can get frustrating as image number and grid size increase but I found my visual recall ability has improved much more noticeably under this method than any other.

Day by day, as I progress through the levels, I started to notice an interesting phenomenon. My inner vision, the vision that you 'see' when you close your eyes, has become clearer and more detailed. I was able to recall visual images that I was exposed to earlier in the day much more vividly at night than ever before. The best example of that is when I was going to bed after a day of memory training and movie watching (I used this program extensively during one summer break in college.) Amazing, as I closed my eyes, I was able to recall crystal clear images of the movies that I've watched earlier in the day. I felt like I was re-watching the movies in my head, scene by scene in perfect sequence and complexity. I felt like I was becoming a human video recorder! This phenomenon only lasted for the duration of my Eidetic Memory Training, which was only 2 or 3 weeks in length, since it was a demo and I was too cheap to buy the full version back then as well as the hesitancy of using my credit card online. I can't imagine how my visual memory would progress if I had the chance to train with this program regularly under a much longer duration, could photographic memory or some thing close to it be achievable? This is why I am so impressed by this program and can never get it out of my head. So far this is the only brain training software that I've used that made me feel as though my brain was being changed and rewired when I was using it, no other programs have even come close after that.

I would recommend this program to anyone, young or old, who's looking for ways to improve their visual memory. Improving your visual recall ability will benefit you in many aspects of life, from being able to better recall what you've read in a textbook to impressing a girl on a date by remembering every item on the restaurant menu before the waiter shows up to take the order. This program will offer significant results if you're willing to put in the work and discipline to train frequently and correctly.

Wilson Wu,

Junior Analyst, CFA