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Finally, serious NFL Football handicapping software.

Dan Gordon is widely regarded as one of the three best handicappers in the sports world and has a winning record as a professional sports bettor for over two decades. His sports betting columns have appeared in the New York Daily News, San Francisco Examiner, Boston Herald, Log Angeles Herald Examiner, College and Pro Football Weekly and other newspapers and magazines and he served as handicapping consultant to Pete Axthelm of NBC, ESPN and Inside Sports Magazine for seven years. His latest book Beat the Sports Books - An insiderís guide to betting the NFL is a seminal work in football betting.

Betting the NFL effectively requires a great deal of data and effort. Dan Gordonís NFL Handicapping Companion (DG-NFL) is designed to greatly ease the process of collecting, maintaining and manipulating data and applying the many necessary calculations. The ability to experiment with changes to the calculations and assumptions is also provided with instant recalculation of the tables for the entire season. As a result, calculations will take far less time and will likely be more accurate. Sports betting programs generally look for patterns and streaks just like progression system players trying to beat casinos. This is easy but doesn't work. Every sport is different. DG-NFL weekly evaluates team performance and applies numerous emotional considerations to the next week's games. It then looks for errors in the book lines. This is how you find betting opportunities in pro football.

Note: If you have not read Beat the Sports Books, the betting program can still be used. But, you will find it far easier and more valuable with the book.

A brief outline of DG-NFL football betting software high points follows:

  • Automatic weekly update to 2008 scores and pro football handicapping data via the Internet. This includes phony wins, phony losses, sloppy wins, home advantage adjustments and mid-season team rankings.
  • Auto weekly download of Danís subjective adjustments.
  • Automatic calculation of number power ratings, letter power ratings, due ups/downs, projected lines and win percentages.
  • Automatically makes weekly adjustments according to 13 rules from Beat the Sports Book.
  • Automatic updates to schedules due to hurricanes, etc.
  • Enormous user configurability. User can create his own tables, adjust formulas, change power numbers, letters, grades, edges, selectively activate rules, modify the effect of rules, add adjustments and the entire season is instantly recalculated.
  • This is a living product and you can expect free software updates to this program during the season. Send suggestions to

Demo Download

But see for yourself. You can download a demo of the NFL football betting software below. If you have already downloaded and wish to update to the latest release, updates are at the bottom of the QFIT Downloads Page.

NFL Handicapper V2 Full Download (6.5MB) - Click to install the full product.


2008 season status of automatic updates

  • Aug 5 - Version 2 is now available.
  • Sep 3 - Start of season power numbers, grades, home advantages, week 1 adjustments and week 1 book lines uploaded.
  • Sep 4 - The Steeler's Power Letter Rating and Dan's adjustment for the Steeler's week 1 game have been changed due to Roethlisberger's appendectomy
  • Sep 12 - Week 2 data has been uploaded.
  • Sep 19 - Week 3 data uploaded.
  • Sep 26 - Week 4 data uploaded.
  • Oct 3 - Week 5 data uploaded. New Power Numbers uploaded based on team performance for the first four weeks.
  • Oct 10 - Week 6 data uploaded.
  • Oct 17 - Week 7 data uploaded.
  • Oct 25 - Week 8 data uploaded.
  • Oct 31 - Week 9 data uploaded.


The price is $90. Upgrades from Version 1 are $20. Order from the QFIT Catalog.

The Book

  Gordon, Dan, Beat the Sports Books: An Insider's Guide to Betting the NFL 2001, revised Cardoza Publishing 2005

This football handicapping book uncovers for the first time the trade secrets of one of the best football handicappers in the world. Here he shares his inside tips and strategies on making big money betting NFL football. Youíll learn basic, advanced, and expert concepts on setting up betting models, using power ratings, and separating performance from perception. Gordon provides a step-by-step guide to odds, point spreads, and money lines, and shows how to bet underdogs, propositions, teasers, parlays, and more.

NFL Picks

If you are interested in Dan Gordon's picks, you can contact him at His rates are Season: $600, Month: $200, Week: $60. Tell him QFIT sent you.

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