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  • Adobe Type Manager Light (free) - Use and print PostScript Type1 fonts. Windows and Macintosh versions.
  • Stuffit Expander for Mac and Windows (demo) by Allume Systems - Expands compressed and encoded files. Mac and Windows versions available. This is a must have utility for crossplatform work.
  • The latest version of Stuffit for Windows does not save the resource fork required for converting with CrossFont. The following older version can: Stuffit Expander v6 (free, expansion only, does not support sitx, select the option "Save Macintosh Files in MacBinary format" under "When a file contains a resource fork" in the Options/CrossPlatform dialog box.)
  • Fontographer - Font creating/editing software for Windows and Macintosh.
  • The Font Creator Program - Font creating/editing software for Windows.
  • Alltype - Convert fonts between TrueType, PostScript Type1 and other formats.

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View Fonts by DesignVisual Overview of Emigre Fonts. ... Tribute Triplex Triplex Triplex Italic Variex Vendetta Vista Whirligig ZeitGuys View by Style

View FontsUtility for viewing all the fonts installed on your system.

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