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Arcade game "Pushy - Polly"

Do you know Japanese fight the meaning of which is to win using the opponent weak points? If you fight with huge and strong opponent he can throw you by a finger on his left hand. The only way to win the  fight is to evade the blows of the opponent go round and hit him from behind.

This game has the same rule. You are in the center of the mat. You are attacked by your opponent. Dodging the opponent you should make him rush out of the playing field. You should push you opponent at different moment, but you can not overstep the borders of a small square. The opponent is strong but inert. Make your opponent rush past you at a high speed for him not be able to stop at the end of the mat. Logic matrix online logic game

The game is considered to be won, when all the opponents are thrown out of the field borders.


Advantages of the registered users


The registered users are provided with an opportunity to complicate or simplify the options of the game.

The registered users can have opportunity to change the following game characteristics:

  • The dimension of large field (the field you should throw your  opponent out of)
  • The dimension of small field (the field which you shouldn't not leave)
  • Number of opponents
  • The force of the interaction of you ball and your opponent (the higher this value - the higher the speed of the balls during collision)
  • Time of freezing (nock-out) - the time when the opponent is out of the game after overstepping the boarders of the field.

Control keys

The arrows Up, Down, Right, Left.



PushyPooly 320kb


You can register on-line on the site of Register Now. Registration fee 15$.


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