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Put out cigars Use the arrow keys to move the kids online . Push the space bar to shoot. Try to put as many cigars as you can. Send this file your smoking friend. Maybe he will broke the cigarettes.


What are the most effective methods to stop smoking?

When it comes to quitting smoking, the most effective methods are the same for women and men. First, pick a date to quit. Quitting all at once is much more likely to succeed than trying to cut down gradually. Tell your family and friends about your plans to quit, and ask for their support. Then, before stopping, throw away all your cigarettes, don't keep anywhere you live.

Before you stop smoking, think about the situations, which make you want a cigarette. If you always smoke after a meal, plan what you'll do instead. If you smoke during certain tasks at work, figure out what can replace the cigarette. Some people like to hold something in their hand in certain situations, substituting a pencil or pen can work for them. Many feel comforted by having something in their mouth, sugar gum or candy, or carrot or celery sticks are good choices. Some people use cigarettes to relax when they are stressed. Substituting walking, reading or meditating can be a good alternative.

Many people need help to quit smoking. Help can come in several forms. Tell your doctor or health care provider you want to quit. They can offer suggestions and support. Being in a support program makes it likelier you'll succeed. Many insurance plans, especially HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations) offer support groups or counselors. Some will even contact you at your convenience by phone.


Is it too late to quit smoking?

A. As hard a s quitting may be, the results are well worth it. In the first year after stopping smoking, the risk of coronary heart disease in women drops sharply. It then gradually returns to "normal"-- that is, the same risk as someone who never smoked. So no matter what your age, quitting will lessen your chances of developing heart disease.

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