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Arrange color balls in rows of 5 to achieve the maximum number of points. How to draw houses Lines is a online puzzle game. The purpose of the game is to get points by arranging lines of balls with the same color.

Select any ball on the field and move it to any cell. If your move results in a new horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of 5 or more balls of the same color, the balls disappear and you get prize points and one more move. If not, the progam makes it's own move and adds three new balls to the field. To move a ball, click on it (it should start jumping up and down), then click the destination cell. The ball will move itself to a destination cell, if there is a way to it. A ball may move itself by jumping to a nearest upper, lower, left or right cell. A move is impossible, if the destination cell is empty, but there is no way to that cell. The game finishes when there is no cells on the field. To change the selected ball, click on another one. The more balls you happen to destroy at a time, the more points you get for each ball.

Colored dots on the field denote positions and colors of the next move of the computer. If you click on a destination cell but nothing happens, either there is not a ball selected yet, or there is no a way to the destination cell.




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