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Do you want to have a source of this games? Please write me a letter. Do you have idea of your games and you need developer. Write me a letter. Se conditions of develop flash game

Add your flash game in to this site. Flash games is a good idea for virus marketing. You can select any of this games and ask me to rebuild it with your pictures. Do you want to build a web site for children, logic games or actions games? Write me about your idea. I can help you. See the flash games that I made for Sweden consumers. You can ask me about policy games. It is to easy to make a flash film about policy.

About 90% of the games (about 300 online games) was created by me (you can find email at the bottom of this page). I can make the flash game by your idea or your order. For example you can order the puzzle like Jig Saw with your picture. This will be good present for your friend. If you have an idea of the game then you can write me a letter.

Many of this games are free to download and install on your own web site. These games are free, the only thing we ask is that you provide a visible return link back to  on the page that hosts the game. Download the games to a directory on your computer, unzip them, and view the "readme.htm" file in your browser for installation instructions.

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