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Mind map software

Open-source software

There are a number of free/libre/open-source software that allow the creation of or otherwise support mind maps.

  • FreeMind is a Free Software mind-mapping application written in Java
  • Conzilla is a Free Software mind-mapping application written in Java
  • VYM (View Your Mind) is Free Software (GPL) for UNIX/Linux and Mac OS X.
  • Kdissert is Free Software (GPL) for UNIX/Linux, for producing general-purpose documents using mindmaps: articles, presentations, and reports.
  • DeepaMehta is another Free Software mind-mapping program written in Java.

Proprietary software

There are many pieces of proprietary software (in alphabetical order) that allow the creation of mind maps.

  • 3D Topicscape takes mind mapping and concept mapping into 3D with flying and zooming.
  • Aibase maps combine colorful trees, concept maps, tables and more.
  • Aviz Thought Mapper is a cross-platform Java-based mind-mapping tool. On Windows it integrates with Microsoft Office.
  • Axon Idea Processor is a visual diagramming tool that includes support for mind mapping.
  • BrainMine's major advantages come from an extensive graphics (icon/image) package, a convenient overview map, and an object attribute panel. The final products can be visually impressive, but the interface can be overwhelming (even distracting) for basic idea organizing.
  • ConceptDraw MINDMAP Mind Mapping, Brainstorming and Project Planning software that works both on Windows and Mac OS X
  • Cornerstone is a visual thinking tool that supports a variety of visual styles.
  • i2Brain takes the next step - away from a flat tree to a network of ideas with depth. Multi-platform.
  • InfoRapid KnowledgeMap achieves some of the same MindMap type organization, but is constructed to seem more like an outline.
  • Inspiration is a cross-platform Mac OS X, Windows and Palm visual learning application which recently (version 8) introduced true mind-mapping support.
  • MindCad Incubator is a visual thinking tool for Mac OS X featuring multiple worksheets and the ability to link to external desktop documents and web pages.
  • MindGenius is proprietary mind-mapping software for Windows with a vast array of features. This product is sleek and simple, with excellent export.
  • MindManager is proprietary mind-mapping software running on both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, and integrates with Microsoft Office.
  • Mind Map/LX Is a free Mind Map program that runs on the HP 200lx PDA. Also with a helper program it is able to run on any dos PC.
  • MindMapper is a full-featured visual thinking and mind mapping tool for Microsoft Windows with interoperability with Microsoft Office.
  • MyMind is a mind mapper with built-in outlining functionality. It is "donationware" for Mac OS X.
  • Modelmaker is a visual CASE tool which supports UML diagrams and mindmaps.
  • Nelements - map your mind in 3d.
  • NovaMind is a proprietary mind-map application for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. Features include flexible branch shapes, a branch proposal system, integrated screenplay support, and OPML export
  • OpenMind - software used by British schools
  • SmartDraw, a visio-like product.
  • Smart Ideas is another visual diagramming tool with a unique "big picture" view.
  • Spark-Space comes in various editions for enterprise or education. Available on Windows, MacOS/X, Linux in English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch.
  • Thinkmap - uses a Java based SDK kit in an XML-based configuration language scripting toolset with syntax similar to that used for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and other scripting languages. Pre-configured building blocks include: Spider, Hierarchy, Clustering, and Chronology. The VisualThesauras product is an example of the use of this technology.
  • Thinkgraph is a currently free mind-mapping program for Windows
  • Thinking with Pictures is a visual thinking tool designed for children.
  • Visual Concept touts itself as a mind mapping program. The final product is more like visio, but seems to emphasize hexagon shaped maps.
  • Visual Mind is another mind-mapping application.