Lead for Dead

Lead for Dead
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Game name: Lead for Dead
Description: Description: This is a 2D game, clearly inspired by CoD MW2 and CoD Zombies. The clue is to survive endless waves of zombies and hellhounds, as you play, you will earn gold, and increase your stats, the stats unlock new perks, get better attachments and unlock new characters, and the gold can be used to buy upgrades, and unlock new weapons.

How to play: Move with WASD
Shoot and Aim: Mouse
Change weapon: 1 and 2
Command Team mate: 3
Stab with knife: Q
Throw grenades: G
Place Claymores: C
Run: Shift
Buy weapons: F
Remove walls: F
Rebuild barricades: F
Pause: P
Continue: P
Use Skill: E
Toggle Radar: Space
Mute sound: M

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